Approach Services at a Glance

Approach Services’ vision is to shape change leadership around the world.

Our mission is to provide organisations with training and toolkits to build leadership that quickly recover from challenges and thrive through change.


Approach Services' Unique Value Proposition

Research shows that active and visible Change Leadership is the biggest contributor to change success more than change management itself. Source 

Change efficiency is often measured in turnover rates, productivity loss and absenteeism and change success in utilisation and adoption rates.

By implementing the EXCELerate Change Leadership program and the learnt tools you will directly impact

  • how many people call in sick
  • leave the organisation
  • how much the change costs
  • and how much time it takes for the behaviour to change.

When you do not have enough time and resources you’ll need to invest in training, practices and skills to make your given resources more productive and effective.

The Beginning of Approach Services

In 2014 our Co-founders were sitting on a bench in Silicon Valley. Their gaze wandered across a picturesque little pond, watching Google and Facebook employees cycling to and from their lunch break. Being a young start-up at that time, they could feel the excitement and awe around them. It was then that the vision was born to build Approach Services with a potential to grow like Oracle or Google to shape change leadership around the world.


Our Approachable People

Our Approachable team is efficient, pragmatic, flexible and supportive with a high sense of ownership and that is why
our clients feel our passion from the initial contact through to customer care.

Our Core Values

At the core of all our actions stand that we develop, advise, care and grow.


We continuously expand and grow our business in Australia and around the globe by implementing systems, processes, and workflows and making profitable decisions


We are here to shape the way we lead change around the world by providing outstanding innovative advice to our clients as one team


We attract and create brilliant minds by providing quality onboarding, rewarding training, and career development. and continuous improvement


Your business allows us to give back to our community and the environment through our daily actions and our corporate social responsibility program


The Approach Services Strategy

Our 2019-2021 Strategy is to broaden our impact and reach by entering the mobile learning and digital services space, whilst deepening our relationships with existing clients and our local market.
To achieve our strategy, we focus on growth in our three core business areas:

View some of our success videos
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