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In 2014 our Co-founders were sitting on a bench in Silicon Valley. Their gaze was wandering across a picturesque little pond, watching Google and Facebook employees cycling to and from their lunch break. Being a young start-up at that time, they could feel the excitement and awe around them. It was then that the vision was born to build Approach Services with a potential to grow like Oracle or Google providing hands-on advice and development to professionals.

As experienced consultants we focus on the three key success factors for projects, careers and businesses:
1. Excellent Leadership
2. Sound Project Management
3. Outstanding Change Management

Initiatives that stand steady on these three pillars are 6 times more likely to succeed. Often however professionals manage lob sided, complementing their strengths or even leaving things to chance. As a result, we often encountered stress, suboptimal cooperation, lack of engagement and conflicts that put outcomes at risk. The list of common issues in workplaces and in projects is endless and we could sing a song from it.

It was there on the other side of the world to our headquarters in Perth, Western Australia that we committed to care. Our mission was born to provide a complementing range of consulting, coaching and training to bridge the gap between technical expertise and strong leadership and people skills.

We continuously deliver, analyse and improve our consulting, coaching and training to provide best practices to the industries. We are proud to run the EXCELerate Leadership Coaching Program in Perth CBD and metropolitan area, provide quality project management and engineering globally and take care of individual and organisational change management throughout Australia.

We believe that diversity of backgrounds, styles, personalities and experiences when managed well is one of the most under-utilised competitive advantages in the professional world. Our services will enable you to make the most of it.

We work with clients from BHP, Neptune, Sapura, The Girls Academy, Subsea Engineering Australia, CSC, Crane worldwide logistics, Computing Australia, Delmar Systems and ConocoPhillips.

We partner globally with SAE, WISE, CMP, PMI, e-stimate international, Siegel-HR, Crossculture Academy, Vinubis, Globiana and Bub desk.