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What Industry Insiders Say About Leading Digital Change?

“Don’t forget that people have to change how they work for you to reap the transformation’s benefits. Change Management and Change Leadership is here to remind you.

Karen Dennet, author and founder of Industry Engaged, interviewed Approach Services’ Chief Innovation Officer (CINO).

Why Communicating Change Never Works The Way You Plan

It often feels like the communication strategy is the hottest thing for transformational projects. We all know that change management is so much more than communications. Yet, we all know how crucial communication is in change awareness and acceptance.

How to Outrun your Competition with Change Agility

Whilst agility is your ability to move quickly and decisively and to do so with ease and comfort, resilience is your ability to quickly and effectively recover from challenging situations.

Ebook: How To Avoid Cultural Change Failure

Cultural change has never been easy for organisations and it breaks our heart hearing stories of change failure.

Our recently published eBook titled How To Avoid Cultural Change Failure is jam-packed with actionable insights and practical tips.

The Business Change Checklist

Today I’ve got a little gift for you.

It is our latest tool from the EXCELerate lab: The Business Change Checklist

When a business transitions, the impacted stakeholder groups need to be prepared and ready for the change.

Why We Love Change Resilience (And You Should, Too!)

Resilience is about coming back stronger and more capable from adversity. Those who have developed true resilience welcome change as an opportunity for learning and growth. Resilient people are not immune to the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world, yet they get less disrupted. They move through change swiftly and tend to be more productive and positive during times of uncertainty.

Are you wondering what type of change leader you are? Do this fun quiz and find out.

Change is associated with innovation, opportunity, evolution, future, growth, and progress. Yet, we know that change has a different flavour for everyone.

Are you wondering what type of change leader you are?
Do this fun quiz and find out. It’s FREE!

5 Advantages of Change Leadership and How You Can Make Full Use Of It

In recent years, we have seen that traditional approaches to leadership have become ineffective. Change leadership is a new approach that empowers leaders with highly transferable and future-ready skills. Combined with other emerging trends such as continuous improvement, customer-centred design, digitalisation, and the lean management style, change leadership can help leaders create an ideal environment for their businesses and teams to innovate and grow.

How to avoid the most common mistake in change management

If no one is using the new process, system or if people don’t want to be part of the (de-)merger, then you have achieved the project goal without realising its ROI. Excellent change management ensures that the solution that your project is implementing is adapted and used.

Why Learning To Lead Change Can Actually Improve Your And Your Employee’s Health

Leaders must acknowledge the challenges that organisational change brings. According to Gartner, over 80% of employees experience cultural tensions or competing priorities during transformations. Both create stress and worsen performance.

How to obtain your complimentary training certificate

This QRG will guide you to register a free account, log in to the Approach Services website and get a certificate after completing a workshop from the EXCELerate Change Leadership Program.

Change Resistance Will Be A Thing Of The Past, Here’s Why

Have you ever tried to bring about change? How hard were people fighting you? It’s like trying to scratch your left ear with your right foot. Right?