We identified 4 Change Leader Types in you Organisation - Which Are You?

Are you wondering what type of change leader is predominant in your organisation? Do this fun quiz and find out. It’s FREE!

10 Questions will give you insights into how you lead change

Change is associated with innovation, opportunity, evolution, future, growth, and progress. Yet, we know that change has a different flavour for everyone.

Some might say that change is inevitable. On the downside, change causes disruption, stress and tension to our organisation. Our brain’s fear centre, the amygdala, naturally react to uncertainty and ambiguity with fight, freeze or flight.

As a CEO, Head of HR or Leader, it can be challenging to understand how best to lead your team through change or whether you have the capability to lead and manage change effectively.

We identified 4 distinct types of change leaders.

  • Are you curious if you naturally role-model change?
  • Do you engage,  inspire or challenge others to change?
  • Or are you constantly considering different scenarios and think through new possibilities?

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