Change Management

You will appreciate the simplicity and impact

We support you in managing the human side of your project.

Our 6-step Change Management approach is based around deliverables:

  • The Co-creation workshops deliver your visual transition roadmap
  • The Co-Sensing observations deliver the impact and risk assessment
  • The Co-planning delivers a Change Management Plan that is closely integrated with your project plan, outlining communication, sponsorship, training, coaching and resistance management.
  • The EXCELerate Change Leadership Program in-house or online delivers empowered Change Leaders
  • The Change Advocacy mapping and training amplifies your change activities
  • Our monitoring and accountability system delivers feedback to inform course Corrections
A new operating model

Cultural change

This well-regarded non-for-profit was challenged with a bold strategy transition. The success was highly dependent on the workforce and they had no history of using change management. Approach Services delivered the entire executive, leadership and change champion change leadership training. At the same time, we deployed a change specialist and change manager within the PMO building best practices change management capability. 95% of all surveyed staff were very satisfied to very satisfied with our services.


A mobile learning solution

This leading mining company was challenged with low employer perception values in the development space putting the technology at risk for losing talent and meeting future needs, Our consultants led two iterative projects implementing industry leading libraries for technology and professional learning. The change management challenge was to increase speed of adoption and utilisation after a history of failed attempts. The investment was well perceived by all employees and contractors tempting their departments to jump on board.

Watch this example of how we can help you

Our Change Management Approach provides you with structured plans and practical templates to be resilient and agile during your change project

This scenario uses our EXCELerate Agile Change Leader tools. If you would like to engage us to work through mapping your formal and informal stakeholders and teach them how to amplify your change activities click here.

Why us?

Our approach delivers results

If no one is using your new process and system or if your people don’t want to be part of the (de-)merger, then you have achieved the project go-life without realising its ROI. We use evidence-based and practice-tested tools to increase the chances that your solution is adapted and stays in use.

One of the most common mistakes in change management is poor or non-existing stakeholder mapping.  Leaders can only identify around one-third of the actual influencers, so there is a huge blind spot. We know from experience that a complete and prioritised stakeholder map is the key input for mapping the change impact, build change advocacy, train and coach people, solicit feedback and issues and draw up an engaging communications plan.

Your time invested in our Change Management approach leads to

  • A higher level of change sponsorship and advocacy
  • Builds confidence and trust
  • Fosters open communication
  • And increases the speed of adaption.