Change Resistance Will Be A Thing Of The Past, Here’s Why

Talking about resistance will be old-school.

Have you ever tried to bring about change? How hard were people fighting you? It’s like trying to scratch your left ear with your right foot. Right?

We believe change resistance can be harvested, meaning you can actually get people on board and drive necessary change in your organisation.

Understanding Change Resistance

Change fundamentally involves changing people’s minds, yet the most recent research shows that the provision of facts may strengthen resistance.

In today’s businesses, with change expertise only in the hands of specialists, it is an error to assume people will play nicely.

“When the amount of change externally exceeds the amount of change internally, the end is in sight. {…} Change before you have to.”

Jack Welch, former CEO of GE

Qualitative studies show that people become more engaged with the change when their individual emotions are acknowledged and treated with respect.

Start to embrace your employee's reactions as engagement. Create an emotionally safe space to open the way for better collaboration, problem-solving and sustainable change outcomes.

Change experts and ourselves speculate that change-agile business cultures, resilient growth mindsets, flexible structures, and processes could make change resistance a thing of the past.

How can you replace resistance with engagement?

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Build a change-agile organisation

By building a learning culture, you're less likely to have trouble adjusting your values in the face of new information or reality. With this, you will find less resistance. 

Understand why - and meet “resistors” where they are

Some individuals resist change for one reason or another. The good news is that most individuals are willing to change for the better. Seek to understand how to better serve those who have a different information or value system to you. This helps you to build relationships based on respect and care for one another. A line in St. Francis’ prayer says, “seek first to understand, then to be understood.”

Value resistance when it is openly expressed

Appreciate individuals who openly express their resistance to change. Unresponsive and passive resistance is far worse and impossible to deal with. It is more important now than ever to learn how to use conflict resolution in change.

Successful change leaders understand that corporate transformations start with them.

Change Resistance Will Be A Thing Of The Past, Here’s Why

For a change leader, channelling a significant disruption into opportunities and innovation is like swimming against an undertow or fighting gale-force winds while balancing on slippery waxed floorboards.

Leaders need to stay agile to steer their organisations around the next, inevitable, disruption.

In our leadership development program, we train leaders to become change-agile, focusing on driving change without getting overwhelmed by disruptive challenges. We focus on resilience and adaptability skills, as well as change-specific technical skills.


Eva is one of the masterminds behind Approach Services' blog and The 6 Cents of Change. She is an innovator, trainer and change manager. Her work has been published in Schmalenbach Journal of Business Research. In her spare time, she enjoys camping with her two little boys and permaculture gardening.

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