We work with clients from BHP, Neptune, Sapura, CSC, Crane worldwide logistics, Computing Australia, Delmar Systems and ConocoPhillips.

We partner globally with e-stimate international, Siegel-HR, Crossculture Academy, Vinubis, Globiana and Bub desk.

Our story

Approach Services was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Perth, Western Australia. What started out as a boutique consultancy has grown into a flourishing consulting, coaching and training business. We deliver our services online, in-house and in three locations in Perth: Perth CBD, Murdoch and Hamilton Hill.

Our vision

We founded Approach Services to grow into an impressive global business, to provide an attractive workplace, to provide the best services and advise on leadership & talent development, project engineering and change management and to give back to our community.

Our unique style

It’s the heart & soul of our people, our knowledge & systems and our consistency & quality that set’s us apart from other consultancies.

Our mission

Our mission is to bridge the gap between technical excellence and interpersonal excellence by helping people to work with each other, getting the best out of people and creating flow in your daily work.

The professional

The leader
The project leader

The HR professional