EXCELerate Conflict & Problem-Solving

EXCELerate – Helping professionals to EXCEL and accelerate as leaders

Working with others can be challenging and it is not uncommon that misunderstandings or tension stands in the way of excellent performance. What if I tell you that within 2-hours you can learn techniques that will make a noticeable difference to your work relationships.

EXCELerate is a coaching program that helps people to work together. We guide you and hold you accountable to make small shifts in your habits and big improvements in your leadership.

Our program is different: No slides, no standard front-end loading. We use your experience, your challenges, activities, games and role play to let you experience the potential of sharpened communication skills.


There is no use in closing your eyes and hoping it will all goes away; or is there? Conflict- & Problem Solving gives you a handy toolbox to deescalate hot situations. It allows you and your team to choose the best way to turn obstacles into opportunities.

Great leaders are able to identify ways out of difficult situations and can guide their teams to identify and action solutions. 

This session enables you to:

  • Sharpen your awareness of conflict & problem-solving opportunities
  • Use de-escalation tactics
  • Practice effective negotiation & diplomacy


EXCELerate is designed to help professionals excel and accelerate their careers. 

We believe that embracing personality diversity within your team or client relationships boosts performance, innovation and engagement. Our experiential workshop format guarantees a better uptake of tools, skills and shifted thinking.

We invite you to our personalised coaching, easy-to-apply actions and playful adventures in a supportive small group environment.

Conflict & Problem Solving is the fourth module of our EXCELerate leadership coaching program. The other 5 fortnightly sessions cover the art of cooperation, value-driven leadership, playful communication, boosting motivation and powerful mentoring. All modules compliment but do not require each other.

This is the leadership training you have been waiting for. Start your growth journey now!


The Approach Services team is fantastic! Having attended their EXCELerate leadership coaching program, it was very practical, useful and a load of fun. Sessions sizes are kept very small so that the coach is able to do a tremendous job supporting everyone, guiding them and as attendees, we get the most out of each session. Thanks. Jo Woodfield, Director, The Higher Mix

This is the best training ever! Ganesh, Manager Oil& Gas


  • All participants are welcome whether their background is theoretical, practical or both. No previous experience with the EXCELerate program is required. 
  • Tickets are essential to secure your spot. The number of participants is limited to 7 people per session.
  • The two-hour session requires you to be open to contribute and participate in activities.
  • By registering you consent that photos and videos might be taken of the event.