EXCELerate Leadership Coaching Program

EXCELerate is designed to help professionals excel and accelerate their careers.

The program comprises of 6 modules:

  • The Art of Cooperation
  • Value-driven leadership
  • Playful communication
  • Conflict & problem-solving
  • Boosting Motivation
  • And powerful mentoring

EXCELerate focusses on experiential learning, actions and results with 6 fortnightly coaching sessions in a supportive small group environment.  Your learning journey is supported by access to your peers in a community chat and action-provoking video resources.
The EXCELerate coaching modules can be completed individually or as one term. At the end of the program, the participants will receive a certificate of completion.

What our participants have to say

Gopi talks about how the EXCELerate Leadership Coaching program has been fantastic for him. The coaches know their stuff, but they really focus on us, get us out of our comfort zone and make sure we push our learning. You are supported to take your learnings from the session and apply it at work. I cannot recommend these guys highly enough.

WISE session

Bringing value-driven Leadership to the Women in Subsea Engineering

Women in Subsea Engineering (WISE) organised a valuable coaching session conducted by Eva and Sam from Approach Services. Through different activities, we could identify our core values and natural leadership style, and also how they impact the people surrounding us.


We all are creature of habits. If we want to succussed we need to develop good habits. Download our free checklist: Seven habits to implement in you daily life to excel as a leader.

How to improve your leadership skills in under 60 Minutes a day with these 7 habits

You may have noticed that we run regular leadership coaching to help professionals excel and accelerate on their leadership journey. Our EXCELerate program covers 6 foundation modules and has supplementary modules available for the advanced leader. Today I will share with you a simple way of improving your leadership skills in just 30 Minutes a day. These habits are super easy to implement and go a long way in casting a positive leadership shadow. I promise you that everyone can do this, all you need is a bit of gut to get started and some dedication to keep going.

  • 5 Minutes Visualisation Walk on the way to work or as part of your team stand-up
  • 5 minutes Curiosity for Cooperation
  • 5 Minutes of active listening in your most important meeting of the day
  • 5-10 Minutes of sharing your decision-making process with your team
  • 10 Minutes to cross-check your value-drivers
  • 0 extra time to share one lunch break a week with a mentee
  • 5-10 Minutes to get to the bottom of an issue

So, this is how it works

Habit 1

Start your day with a visualisation walk

These are super effective in boosting motivation and setting clear intentions for your day. Thy can be done on the way to work or with your team before your morning stand-up.

  • All you need to do is,
  • be silent for 5 minutes,
  • walk during these 5 minutes
  • and ponder two questions:
  • How do I want to feel by the end of this day?
  • What do I need to do to feel like this by the end of this day?

Visualise the answers in as much detail as possible

Habit 2

Take 1 for Cooperation

There is nothing better than a culture of trust and openness to create a high performing team. Don’t forget to connect with your team on a personal level. Every day take time to learn one new aspect about a team member. This can be totally unrelated to work, such as their favorite place to eat, their way to drink coffee or more specific like what they enjoy most/ least about their role? It’s pretty simple and shows that you care. It’s also a good cliff hanger into the habits 3&5: Sharing decisions and Mentoring.

Habit 3

Empower decisions

You might be under a lot of pressure and need to make decisions non-stop, so this might seem counterintuitive to slow down to educate your team on making decisions themselves. However, there is something very satisfying in leaning back and seeing your team running the show smoothly. And, one important aspect for that is empowering decisions.

I challenge you to pause before your next decision and include at least one team member in the thought process. Take time to explain which decision-making process you are following and what you are aiming to achieve. Weirdly enough this might actually increase clarity about your reasoning and lead to a better

habit 4a

Really, really listen

It seems a bit like an old tale when we talk about communication, the importance of listening and sending clear messages. Indeed, this is old news, but hopefully this daily habit will be like a breath of fresh air. Just try this simple habit in your most important meeting of the day and you’ll continue to improve and sharpen your active listening and ultimately your communication skills.

As you listen to what is said in the meeting spend 5 minutes on active listening techniques:
a) Ask 1 question to clarify what is being said
b) Paraphrase what you heard and get confirmation

Habit 5

Be a bit like Mister Miyagi

You won’t believe the impact mentoring has …on you! Mentoring is one of the most effective leadership development tools. And the clue is, it can be integrated into your existing schedule. Just share one lunchbreak a week or even a month with your mentee. Your mentee allows you to practice curiosity, active listening, empowering decisions and boosting motivation all outside of the boundaries of your job. All it takes is an initial setup and a call or email every now and then to arrange the next catch-up.

Habit 6

Remove roadblocks

Conflicts are one of the reasons that leadership can be so challenging. So, this is what you do when it gets heated: Breathe, count to 5, signal that you are keen to find a solution, then drill into the root cause with a few targeted questions. You’ll be surprised that upon closer look the root cause for conflicts mostly lies in differences between what needs to be done, how it needs to be done or who is in charge. The least amount of conflicts are purely personality clashes.

Taking 5 minutes next time a conflict arises to sort if you are dealing with a task, process, status or relationship conflicts will save you loads of time down the track.

Habit 7

It’s time to be real

These might be tough 10 minutes spend at the end of your day looking at yourself in the bathroom mirror. Take your whiteboard marker and draw a big Venn-diagram between values & behaviour. Now critically assess the overlap. Do you walk it like you talk it? Are you demonstrating value-driven behaviour or are you applying double standards? I promise you that these 10 minutes are invaluable for awareness and learning. You want to come out of the exercise with a clear commitment of what behaviour to keep, to drop or to start.

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