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I’ve been in my role as a senior engineer and team leader for a number of years. Independent of my technical expertise, I find dealing with people and managing people one of my biggest challenges. How do I get people to trust each other, talk to each other and work together? I want my team to like their job, but also do it well. I want my guys to know that they can come to me with issues, but also to deal with problems, conflicts and find solutions. I want to make sure we got the right people and offer them a career so they stay. I care about my guys. You read a lot about the benefits and challenges of diversity, mental health and bullying, but nothing prepares you to deal with it once you become a leader.
The EXCELerate Leadership Coaching program has been fantastic for me. The coaches know their stuff, but they really focus on us, get us out of our comfort zone and make sure we push our learning. You are supported to take your learnings from the session and apply it at work. I cannot recommend these guys highly enough.

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