Our simple colour-coded personality profiles e-interpersonal has been ranked No.1 in Denmark three years in a row. Your profile allows you to analyse your personality and highlight strength and weaknesses, and room for improvement. The eight-facet model is a scientific, simple and powerful self-development tool.
The e-stimate personality analysis is conducted online and requires a one-hour follow-up consultation to explain the underlying theory and guide you through your personality report. This consultation is generally delivered online. For face-to-face or internal team sessions please get in touch.

Our gift to you is, that we will only charge you the difference when upgrading to the next level of personality profiles.


Product Description Price incl. GST More
Profile Consultation Professional one-hour web consulting $55per report Agenda
e-job The profile to match the best candidates to your job requirements $165 pp, $55 per every extra person sample report
e-disc The profile to understand your personal style, behaviour & preferences $165-275 pp (Standard and premium) sample report
e-interpersonal The profile to drive professional and self-development $330-385 pp (Standard and premium) sample report
e-team The profile to harness your team’s cognitive diversity for peak performance $110-165 pp (Standard and premium) sample report
Accreditation The 3-day accreditation course to use the e-stimate personality profiles and tools $5500 pp Agenda