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Change Conversation Starter Cards Walkthrough

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​​5 fun & creative ways to use your cards

Setup: Divide your guests into small teams and hand out a set of your conversation starter cards to each team. 

Objective: Teams compete in rounds where they draw a card and discuss the question among themselves for a set time (e.g., 2 minutes). After discussing, they present their insights or solutions to the entire group. The rest of the group rates the presentation on a scale from 1 to 5 based on creativity, practicality, and insightfulness. Keep score on a visible leaderboard. 

Outcome: This encourages not just discussion but also persuasive and concise communication. Award a prize to the winning team.

How-to-video: Click here.

Setup: Arrange a speed-dating style setup where participants rotate to meet a new person every 5 minutes. 

Objective: At each rotation, participants draw a card from your deck and discuss the question with their new connection. 

Outcome: This activity facilitates one-on-one connections, allowing participants to share personal experiences and insights on leadership and change. It's a rapid-fire way to spark meaningful conversations and network. 

How-to-video: Click here.

Setup: Create a comfortable, open-mic environment where participants can volunteer to draw a card and then share a personal story or experience related to the question. 

Objective: Encourage storytelling that highlights lessons learned, challenges overcome, and successful strategies in change management. 

Outcome: This activity allows for deeper, more personal sharing, fostering empathy and understanding among peers. It highlights real-world applications of the principles on your cards. 

How-to-video: Click here.

Setup: Like planning poker used in agile methodologies, but with a twist. Instead of estimating effort, each participant uses your cards to pose challenges or scenarios. 

Objective: After a scenario is read aloud, each participant selects from a subset of your cards (privately) the one they feel best addresses the scenario or offers a compelling question to explore further. 

Outcome: This encourages strategic thinking and debate, as participants must then discuss and defend their choices. It's a playful way to delve into problem-solving and decision-making processes. 

Setup: Throughout the event, encourage participants to nominate each other for "Change Leadership Awards" based on the conversations sparked by your cards. 

Objective: Categories can include "Most Insightful," "Most Innovative," "Best Storyteller," etc., with nominations based on discussions that arise from your conversation starters. 

Outcome: This activity cultivates a supportive environment where participants recognize and celebrate each other's contributions. It also provides a natural conclusion to the event, where you can again highlight the value of your card decks. 

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