EXCELerate Mantra Copy

The EXCELerate Change Leadership Program consists of 6 courses:

  • Growth Mindset To Lead Change
  • Value Driven Change Leader
  • Resilient Change Leader
  • Agile Change Leader
  • Communicating Change
  • Conflict Resolution in Change

EXCELerate means to excel and accelerate as Change Leaders

  • To excel it is important to practice and adapt, because there is no superior style.
  • Embrace change, challenges, difficulties and diversity as a driver for growths and better outcomes.
  • To accelerate use your network and reach, don’t act alone.
  • Create momentum with rapid growth cycles: Try, assess, learn, grow and go again.

EXCELerate mantra


Let’s take a look at what you already know about the growth mindset to lead change. Take the baseline quiz below so that you can compare your learning progress at the end of this course.

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