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The Growth Cycle

From a young age we are expected to succeed in life. Our culture does not teach us to fail well.

Unlike a person with a fixed mindset that believes that we are either good at something or not, people with a growth mindset believe that through repeated trial and error they will improve.

When we fail, we can either

  • Stay down, be shocked and suffer long-term pain
  • Crawl back up to the same level, feel in control, but avoid taking risks and getting out of the comfort zone again
  • Or, we get back up, learn and grow.
Growth cycle

People with a growth mindset are not threatened by the success of others; They are intrigued. To expedite learning and growth we can enlist others on a conscious or unconscious, formal or informal level as mentors and we can create new habits that build new neural pathways in our brain.


fail, lose, failing

The Agile project methodologies and prototyping, where teams aim to fail-fast to increase insights and learning, are great examples of systematic growth mindset.

Even without following an Agile approach, Change leaders can develop a growth mindset and a learning culture by rewarding effort, strategy, and progress rather than outcomes. Embrace change as an opportunity to improve your skills and grow your ability to manage change.

Instead of avoiding failure and feedback for the constant fear of judgment, you should seek change as an opportunity to become smarter.

brain, growth, learning

During this course, we will introduce tools to foster a growth mindset so that you can face the change.

Failed attempts don’t mean that you can’t do it; it means you just can’t do it yet. Using the phrase “not yet”, embraces challenges and constructive criticism as an opportunity to learn. With sustained practice and effort, you will develop the skill and capacity to do it.  

The growth mindset to lead change workbook

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This topic has additional resources in the Materials tab to deepen your understanding of mindsets during change. At any point in time feel free to come back to this material.


Time estimate:  11 Minutes

The video below provides extra information to deepen your understanding of mindsets during change.

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