Topic time estimate: 1:30 Minutes

How does this course work?

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The entire course is estimated to be completed in 1 hour. You can break your training sessions into convenient micro-lessons anywhere and anytime.

The course outlines the standard course content in green.

Optional materials are highlighted in amber.

To complete all of the optional material, you will require an additional 30 minutes.

  • Your course progresses in a linear way.
  • Your progress is saved automatically.
  • You can pause your learning at any time and resume at a later date.
  • You will be able to revisit any lesson and topic if you wish.
  • Checkpoints don’t count to your final assessment and can be retaken in order to reinforce the learned.
  • To receive a certificate you will need to pass the final assessment with 50% or more on your first attempt. You cannot retake the final assessment.
  • To avoid any issues on the certificate (e.g., formatting errors), we recommend you to download and open it with the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader version.

In short micro-lessons from 1-10minutes, you will work on highly transferrable and future-ready skills.

The purpose of understanding how to advocate for change at your workplace and in your community is to foster mental wellbeing in our ever-changing world. In essence, you will learn the basics needed to embrace change for innovation and personal and professional growth.

The Change Advocacy course builds a basic understanding of change management and leadership in a personal and business setting. If you are seeking to understand the field in more depth, you will naturally want to continue with our other 6 EXCELerate Change Leadership online courses. The EXCELerate framework provides you with the skills and tools to achieve an immediate shift in your change leadership behaviour.

As a learner at Approach Services, we encourage you to utilise the EXCELerate community and trainers to hold you accountable and make your learnings long-lasting.

Technical requirements

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Whilst you can do most of the course on either a desktop computer, a tablet or a mobile phone, we strongly recommend you to do the assignments and self-reflection activities on a desktop computer that has:

  • The latest version of a common browser e.g. Chrome, Ms Edge, Safari or Firefox
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • PowerPoint 
  • Speaker or headphone

Optional How-to Videos

Video time estimate: 2:30 Minutes

Please note that some lessons and topics will have additional content in the Materials tab at the top of the page.

This topic has additional instructional videos, so-called How-to-guides, in the Materials tab. These guides help you to navigate the course and templates.

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