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Business transformation and change management rely heavily on many of the benefits of a growth mindset and learning culture, such as higher engagement rates, innovation, collaboration, and continuous learning.

To create an environment for learning and growth:

  • Recognise the value of people’s work over their natural abilities
  • Acknowledge small victories
  • Celebrate effort, strategy and progress
  • Measure goals in growth, instead of pass and fail

Let’s say you and your organisation want to build a learning culture to drive continuous improvement. Your team is working on a system implementation. During the project kick-off, you make a point of brainstorming new and different ways of solving the task at hand. During the project, you allow time for trial and error and reward ideas being brought to your attention. Your team rewards you with continuous learning and growth. You frequently reflect with your team on how far you have come and what lessons have been learned. You celebrate that this approach is something new and has not been done before.

You can use the Progress Statement tool from Resilient Change Leader course to keep track of effort and progress rather than outcomes.

Mindsets are contagious

The most important action to build a learning culture is to lead by example.

Decades of growth mindset studies show that mindsets are contagious. Whether an organisation believes their employees predominately have a fixed or growth mindset, the view seems to be consistent across organisations. Just think about the concept of the leadership shadow that we discuss in-depth in the Value Driven Change Leader course.

People “[…] don’t do what you say. They do what they see. How you live your life is their example.”

Paul Levesque (Triple H), Executive VP at WWE


Take a minute to reflect on your organisations learning culture and share one thing that you can do to build a learning culture with the EXCELerate community.

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