Capture and bucket Copy

Time estimate: 2 Minutes

Your Rapid Change Plan (RCP) helps you to focus your resources (time, energy, people, knowledge, etc.) onto what matters to you.

In a moment you’ll capture and bucket all that is occupying valuable real estate in your brain because of how you are impacted through COVID-19.

Step 1: Capture

  • Capture everything that is occupying your focus right now; everything that “must” be done this week.
  • This frees up your capacity to work through the RCP steps.
  • The first step works as a dumping ground for all your thoughts (allow about 1 minute).

Step 2: Bucket

  • Create 4-5 different buckets by grouping tasks according to their similarities.
  • This will allow you to create a shorter list.
  • The brain can only focus on 5-9 things.

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