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When businesses are disrupted through internal or external triggers, they are confronted with an urgent need for change. It is too tempting to jump at the first quick-fix solution. Disrupters such as globalisation, digitalisation or even a pandemic force people and organisations all around the globe to respond and change. Experienced Change Leadership experts advise choosing sustainable organisational and behavioural change over hasty reactions.

To be change-agile and resilient you will need to drive the change. Ask “What do I need to do to adapt long-term to an ever-changing environment?” instead of “How will I get through this change and when will things be back to normal?”

Is this course right for you?

This course is designed for Change Leaders in middle management and executive positions, whose businesses are experiencing an urgent need for change.

Learning objectives

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand resilience in change,
  • Defend your reasons to change,
  • Identify your own and other’s motivators,
  • Implement vision boards, visualisation,
    Rapid Change Planning and progress monitoring,
  • Demonstrate Resilient Change Leadership

Table of Content

Below is the overview of what will be covered in each session:

  1. Session: Vision and Visualisation
  2. Session: Motivation and Motivational Styles
  3. Session: Mindfulness, Rapid Change Planning, and Progress Monitoring
  4. Session: Resilient Change Leadership


Let’s take a look at what you already know about Resilient Change Leadership. Take the Baseline Quiz below so that you can compare your learning progress at the end of this course.

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