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To move from a fixed to a growth mindset you will need to leave your comfort zone. The comfort zone is a low-risk, low-reward zone where you feel safe and in control.

Change usually forces people out of their comfort zone. When that happens they experience fear and resistance as a natural response. To move forward from the fear zone, you need to consciously choose to learn.

Be curious about the hidden opportunities of this change and apply your EXCELerate Change Leadership tools to find purpose, set goals, create new habits, and draw upon your network to grow.

The graphic below is also on page 3 of your workbook. This is a really good starting point for a reflection exercise or a conversation with a resisting team member.

With a growth mindset the change will lose some of its threat and gains some appeal.

When choosing a growth mindset, you embrace the change, even if you are not sure about all the details. You are intrigued and curious about what you can learn during the change.

You know that you are constantly evolving as change leaders and that evolution is change in itself.

As a change leader you see challenges and setbacks as opportunities to grow and improve yourself and your team. You believe that when you are outside of your comfort zone, you are working your brains like a muscle, developing your talent and intelligence.

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