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We get you! Your organisation is facing significant change

Your organisation is facing significant change. To grow and innovate your team needs to be resilient and agile. Any investment you take needs to promise a decent Return on Investment (ROI) to justify the money spent during this time of uncertainty.

The missing link in your organisation is a Change Leadership development program supporting all Change Management efforts. Not just theory but tried & tested proven practical tools.

The good news is:

  • Our EXCELerate program has an estimated ROI of $5.7 on every dollar spent!
  • 93% of surveyed clients realised a return on their investment within 6-12 months of implementing EXCELerate!
  • 96% of surveyed clients are likely to recommend Approach Services!

Research indicates that providing transferable, future-ready, employable skills increases retention and keeps people engaged and productive. Our leadership courses focus on building the top leadership skills for 2030. Our services are from the real world for the real world. We encourage a Growth Mindset, change-agility and a learning culture that allows people to learn from one another, giving you the most effective way to build Change Leadership Capabilities.

Approach Services is passionate about supporting, coaching and training the world's leading organisations to innovate and thrive in the face of rapid change. Our leadership courses combine industry best practices and the latest scientific insights to equip Australia’s leaders with the change leadership capabilities needed to achieve successful and lasting organisational transformation. Count on us to provide you with practical change management tools, leadership frameworks and skills to drive innovation and growth.

Whether you live in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney or anywhere in Australia, our online leadership courses are easily accessible and extremely practical. Enrol in a course today.


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Our Unique Approach Develops Change-Ready Leaders


The Approach Services team has significant experience delivering evidence-based and practical leadership training remote, online and face-to-face.

Our approach to organisational development is scientifically proven, tested in the real world and turned into actionable advice. Our understanding of the challenges faced by today’s leaders ensures that our leadership courses and training address challenges effectively and equip you with skills and tools to deliver change. By linking our leadership course content to the leadership capability framework, People and Culture leaders can readily integrate the program into their organisational development strategy.

Since 2014, we have continuously developed our leadership courses, improved and delivered by highly engaging facilitators and professionals from respective industries. The leadership training is practical, skills-based learning for every middle to senior leader, great for refreshing your change management and leadership skills or discovering new professional arenas.

Feel confident learning from the industry experts

Highly transferable skills applicable to your work and life

Skill assessments and certification to share your achievement

Highly interactive e-learning and training to practice and reflect

Our high-quality instructional design includes a rich mix of digital learning and blended learning activities such as learning checkpoints, engaging quizzes, reading assignments, stimulating animations and videos, immersive reflections, peer community input, worksheets and templates, additional optional learning resources and feedback from professionals.

All courses come with a complimentary Certificate of Achievement that you receive straight after passing the final assessment. Our alumni love to share their achievements with their professional network at work or on LinkedIn.

Our Learning Management System (LMS) is easy to use and accessible 365/24/7 on your desktop computer, and mobile phone. We deliberately designed our services to be flexible and modular, tailored to your needs and budget. Most courses run from 2 hours to a half-day and can be delivered immersive over 3-days or spread out over several months, supported by retention surveys and coaching.

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Our Training Courses Uplift The Leadership Capability Framework

Approach Services provides unique leadership development to drive personal growth and organisational development. We develop change-ready organisations by raising self-awareness, trust and curiosity.

We have developed the matrix mapping our course catalogue to a 5-dimensional Leadership Capability Framework:

Lead self

Lead others

Value-driven leadership

Change & innovation

Business & system-thinking

Our courses enable professional and organisational growth by understanding the psychological and physical impact of a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and changing) environment on people. We take this newfound awareness to uplift communication skills, collaboration and cooperation skills, conflicts - and problem-solving skills, mentoring and coaching skills. Through our program leaders experience what resilient, agile and authentic leadership looks and feels like.

We work closely with the industry and our clients to continuously develop and improve our products and services and provide the maximum value to you.

Currently, we offer 12 face-to-face workshops and 7 eLearning courses. Please see our course catalogue and price list for more information.

change capability framework

Get The Maximum Value For Your Money

We know you are investing in Change Leadership to support a critical business initiative, so we make sure the time, effort, and resources you commit are paying off. Measuring and evaluating the true ROI is equally paramount to your and our business. Our multilevel evaluation approach ensures that our leadership program and courses deliver the desired outcomes.

Here are the ways we implement this:

Reaction, satisfaction and intention

Your leadership training experience should be engaging and effective. As a quality indicator, we seek your immediate training feedback. This survey helps us to measure client satisfaction with the training quality and facilitation.

Behavioural change

We provide a practical on-the-job observation check to the participants at weeks 4 and 16 after the training. We seek participant- and peer feedback on the behavioural changes of the learner. These check-ins prompt accountability and help verify whether learners apply their skills and tools in your workplace.

Knowledge retention

We offer you a complimentary assessment at the end of each training. Passing with 80% is rewarded with a certificate of achievement. The online assessment helps us to check each learner’s understanding and knowledge retention.


We offer the option to baseline and measure business results associated with the new capabilities, prior to and 12 months after the training. We do this in close collaboration with your HR department. Of course, we will treat your information confidential. Check out our privacy policy for more details.

Whether you are an individual professional or are looking to help your organisation build change capacity. With our expertise, you can maximise your influence on successfully transforming your workplace and access proven skills, templates and tools.

Case studies


As an experienced technical manager with a demonstrated history of working in the global oil & energy sector, Gopi noticed the need to expand his capabilities to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing industry.

He took the initiative to enrol in the EXCELerate Leadership Program.

Over three months and six courses, he worked in a cohort of like-minded peers on the professional skills to deliver results faster.

He tells us how great the program was. The courses focus on both acquiring knowledge and how to use it at work. He experienced his most profound learning during a role-play on how to communicate effectively with your project stakeholders. Effectively communicating change is probably one of the toughest (if not the toughest!) parts of being in a leadership position.

If you want to take his place, be sure to register for the EXCELerate Leadership Program.



An iconic Perth Non-for-Profit was going through a significant transformational journey following a bold strategy to revamp an organisation that had been stable for 30 years.

The CEO and Executive of Strategy & Planning sponsored Approach Services to be the trusted partner and guide for a strategic transformational program of three key projects.

A team of four change experts established a structured organisational change management practice and rolled out an extensive executive and leadership training and coaching program. Within 12 months Scitech established active and visible change leadership, applied structured change management to two major projects, 75% of the surveyed staff were very satisfied with our work, and 93% of leaders successfully graduated from the EXCELerate program.

More info here.

Wise Professional Network

The Wise Professional Network is passionate about closing the gender gap in some of the fastest-growing and highest-paid professions. Not only do women make up only 28% of the workforce in STEM, but they are also critically under-represented in Australia's key management positions, the C-suite and boards.

The founder of the Non-for-Profit approached us to deliver a high-impact workshop to rising talents within their organisation. A small and intimate peer group of emerging leaders and change-makers enjoyed the Value-Driven Leadership EXCELerate workshop in our CBD offices.

Through different activities, the women could identify their core values and authentic leadership style, and their influence on others in their team. The workshop helped the women to improve their confidence whilst lowering stress and tension.

Read more here.

Volunteering WA

Volunteering WA

Volunteering WA and a WA working group are leading a community-wide change, triggered by legislative changes from the Federal Government. The CEO of Volunteering WA engaged Approach Services to facilitate a two-day co-creation workshop with the working group, to establish a change mindset and collaborate on the vision and roadmap for the change, identify the impact and stakeholders and arrive at no-regret actions.

Although being at a difficult stage with many unknowns, the workshop allowed the volunteer community to brush up on their skills and focus on practical change management, planning and networking.

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