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We are a Western Australian business on a mission to shape the way we lead and impliment change around the world.

  • We know that complex projects with high stakes and short timelines can be frustrating.
  • We understand that the costs of change are a risk.
  • We belief that all change needs to be sustainable.

With leaders and businesses like yours, we’ve impacted 137 projects on 3 continents since 2014.   Working with your organisation and leaders, in-person and remotely, we deliver a tailored mix of training, consulting and practical toolkits to support you in leading and implementing the changes successfully.

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You will be able to immediately apply your learnings to your real-life change scenario.

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All courses are based on real project experience, scientific research, and best practices. 

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You will learn and practice the best Change Leadership tools available on the market.

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We specialise in

Health & Aged Care Sector

The Royal Commission, new Aged Care Quality Standards and Corona pandemic all demand a cultural change from organisations working in the Australian Health and Aged Care sector. Rest assured that we understand your risks and challenges and are experienced in supporting your organisation to implement and manage change now and in the future.

NFP Sector

The not-for-profit (NFP) sector is under continued pressure from the Australian Government and local communities to reform. With the welfare system beyond its funding limit, all levels of government are looking for greater system efficiency and productivity. We understand your passion and desire to achieve your NFP’s mission and purpose. We provide affordable, modern and practical change leadership training to help you achieve your goals for our community, while meeting government requirements.

Resources Sector

The global call for sustainable actions to beat the greenhouse effect and reduce the threat of climate change increasingly challenges the Resources Sector to innovate and change. You need to adapt swiftly to future-proof your business – we can help you do that effectively. We support your industry leaders to address issues and implement sustainable, practical changes with success.

Our Services

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Online Courses

Approach Services is passionate about supporting, coaching and training the world's leading organisations to innovate and thrive in the face of rapid change. We combine industry best practices and the latest scientific insights to equip Australia’s leaders with the change leadership capabilities needed to achieve successful and lasting organisational transformation.

Consulting Services

The Approach Services team consists of highly skilled technical and business consultants with extensive experience across the NFP, Health, public, and resources sectors in their relevant areas of expertise across a comprehensive range of business specialities, Change Management, Leadership Development, Project Management and Engineering, IT and organisational psychology.

Products and toolkits

We offer a range of actionable toolkits to build and boost your leadership skills and encourage conversations about change and innovation. Playfully learn and practice different aspects of leading change and innovation. Each game gives you actionable learnings that suit your needs to either develop your knowledge, grow your business or upskill your team.


What Our Clients Say


“Thanks for a fantastic workshop. I’m looking forward to the next one and taking our business along an exciting journey.”

Superintendent Operations Processes

IM BHP Billiton, WAIO


 ”Hugely helpful in allowing me to step outside of my issues and understand where I am in the change journey. I used these tools to navigate through a complex organisational change. It helped me to see a different perspective.”




”There were excellent facilitators at our sessions. I wish we had received this training 12 months ago. It has given me a lot of insight into the change process, how necessary it is for our company and has motivated me personally to be more involved.”

Statewide Manager


Our Courses and Products

The only evidence-based and practical change leadership development program in Perth

EXCELerate Change Leadership Program


Bundling 6 EXCELerate courses to build the foundation for you to lead and drive business change with agility and resilience.

Value Driven Change Leader


A highly engaging and interactive online learning experience that builds authenticity, integrity and resilience. Learn practical tools to inspire and motivate others through vision and values.

Resilient Change Leader


Learn how to move through change swiftly and be more productive and positive during times of uncertainty.

Agile Change Leader


Learn how to optimise your social capital and network for advocacy, speed and information to outperform your competition.

Communicating Change


This course teaches you best-practices communication principles and how to apply them to your change project.

Conflict Resolution In Change


This course teaches you practical tools to manage conflicts and resistance. You will learn to improve collaboration, problem-solving and sustainable change outcomes.

Growth Mindset To Lead Change


A highly engaging and interactive online learning experience that enables learners to plan and execute effective learning, training and coaching.

Valēre Culture Board Game


The Valēre Culture board game is an excellent tool for learning and conceptualising the importance of people-culture-values during change.

Speed Mentoring Cards


The Speed Mentoring Cards are an excellent tool to cultivate and encourage a Growth Mindset during change.

Zooleader Style Game


The Zooleader on-the-floor Game is a fun and engaging way to learn about leadership styles and create trust, real connections and relationships at work.

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