Change Leadership toolkits to

Playfully learn and practice leading change and innovation

We offer a range of actionable toolkits to build and boost your leadership skills and encourage conversations about change and innovation.

We designed our toolkits to help you learn about different aspects of leading change and innovation.

If you're looking to grow your resilience and agility or wanting to grow your business' change capability, there is a toolkit for all levels and abilities.

Our toolkits are based on our proven EXCELerate Change Leadership Development program and support our leadership capability framework. Each game gives you actionable learnings that suit your needs to either develop your knowledge, grow your business or upskill your team.


You will be able to immediately apply your learnings to your real-life change scenario.

Premium Material

You will learn and practice the best Change Leadership tools available on the market.


All toolkits are based on real project experience, scientific research, and best practices. 

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Speed Mentoring Cards

$ 89.00
The Speed Mentoring Cards are an excellent tool to cultivate and encourage a Growth Mindset during change.

Valēre Culture Board Game

$ 159.00
The Valēre Culture board game is an excellent tool for learning and conceptualising the importance of people-culture-values during change.

Zooleader Style Game

$ 169.00
The Zooleader on-the-floor Game is a fun and engaging way to learn about leadership styles and create trust, real connections and relationships at work.

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