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A high-level communication plan template that enables you, to plan, schedule and execute your change communication activity in an organised, practical and effective way.

You’ll receive a customisable template with easy-to-understand user instructions and data fields. Packed with a variety of communication categories and channels, this template will take your next project from a boring to an engaging one.


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Based on the Communicating Change online course of Approach Services, this template is useful in communicating your change message across your organisation.

As a standalone template, this tool serves as the backbone of your communication. This template was developed on the principle that a change communication activity should focus on maximising opportunities for two-way conversations from written, visual, and verbal communication to virtual, gamification and social media.

This template empowers you to:

  • Create a high-level overview of how you will inform and converse with your stakeholders.
  • Create a draft schedule for the most important deliverables of your change communication plan.
  • Track the whole progress of your project through a roadmap.

Make a habit of planning, documenting and executeing your change communication projects with this valuable and customisable EXCELerate communication plan.

  • 1 customisable template
  • 1 help sheet with user interactions
  • 1 practical plan sheet
  • 1 high-level change communication roadmap
  • 12 monthly schedule sheet to execute your change communication plan
  • Variety of change communication channels from written, visual, and verbal communication to virtual, gamification and social media.

What Our Clients Say

I enjoyed the Communicating Change course and really liked the content which was well organised. The course is focused on key principles of change implementation and some very common challenges faced by organizations when communicating critical changes that significantly impacts its workforce.

Imran Jafri, Senior VP

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

I took the course about communicating changes and was very impressed. The coaches, Eva and Sam were precise and delivered the material in a very easy and clear way, and the course itself was very interesting. I learned a lot about changes and how to communicate them!

Vlady Rafael, Software Engineer


Very intuitive course to dive deeper into this topic of change. Important stuff to know when you have to handle and understand those processes in real business life.

Florian Gottschall, GTM Enablement Manager


Frequently Asked Questions

is this template customisable?

Absolutely! We understand the diversity of organisations, so this template can be easily customised depending on your preferences.

Can I still get support after downloading this template?

Of course. Happy and satisfied customers are important to us. We have a helpdesk accessible 24/7 solely for your concerns and questions using this template. We encourage you to visit the FAQs page first to receive a prompt solution.

For other concerns, you may reach us at or +61 8 6102 0343

Does this template has expiration?

We have set this template to have no expiration. You also have the lifetime privilege of re-downloading this template whenever you need it whilst observing the Terms and Conditions included in this template.

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