Value Driven Change Leadership

Changes are often met with resistance and fight, flight, freeze reactions. As a result, individuals that fight and freeze under uncertainty experience high levels of stress. Our 4F model explains how people react to change.

Save employee satisfaction during change - featured image

Save Employee Satisfaction During Change (3 Tips)

I had just added another spoon of coleslaw to my plate when Mark squeezed through to the BBQ and started to small talk. It didn’t take us long to find common ground because, like so many organisations, Mark’s employer was going through major changes.

The Art of Cooperation

The Art of Cooperation

We live in the information age. Information is vast, everywhere and is constantly being created, copied, re-invented and altered. No wonder that one person alone cannot hold all the knowledge and skills required for a job. 20 years ago a study concluded that people held about 15-20% of the information and skills required for a job internally and resourced the rest from outside.


Diversity is more than a gender quota

Diversity tends to be a misused buzzword and yet it seems to be the magic sauce for high performing teams. In this article, I explore the importance of embracing diversity and growing the team’s performance for a stronger company.

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