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Why Communicating Change Never Works The Way You Plan

It often feels like the communication strategy is the hottest thing for transformational projects. We all know that change management is so much more than communications. Yet, we all know how crucial communication is in change awareness and acceptance.

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How to Outrun your Competition with Change Agility

Whilst agility is your ability to move quickly and decisively and to do so with ease and comfort, resilience is your ability to quickly and effectively recover from challenging situations.

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Why We Love Change Resilience (And You Should, Too!)

Resilience is about coming back stronger and more capable from adversity. Those who have developed true resilience welcome change as an opportunity for learning and growth. Resilient people are not immune to the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world, yet they get less disrupted. They move through change swiftly and tend to be more productive and positive during times of uncertainty.

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5 Benefits of Change Leadership and How To Use It

In recent years, we have seen that traditional approaches to leadership have become ineffective. Change leadership is a new approach that empowers leaders with highly transferable and future-ready skills. Combined with other emerging trends such as continuous improvement, customer-centred design, digitalisation, and the lean management style, change leadership can help leaders create an ideal environment for their businesses and teams to innovate and grow.

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Why Leading Change Improves Your Mental Health

Leaders must acknowledge the challenges that organisational change brings. According to Gartner, over 80% of employees experience cultural tensions or competing priorities during transformations. Both create stress and worsen performance.

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Change Resistance Will Be A Thing Of The Past, Here’s Why

Have you ever tried to bring about change? How many people have understood the why? How hard were people fighting you? It’s like trying to scratch your left ear with your right foot. Right?

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3 Principles You Should NOT Ignore When It Comes To Communicating Change

No matter where you stand on the debate of transformation and the speed at which it is happening, one thing is sure: Change has become a fact of life.

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All You Need To Know About Change

Are your leaders capable of driving business change in an agile and resilient way? Do they recover fast from challenges? In this blog post, we will share all you need to know about business change.

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Follow These 10 Steps To Create Meaningful Change

In mindful May, we turn our attention inwards and take the opportunity to reflect on the meaning of life/work, aka our reason to get out of bed every morning.

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7 Reasons Why 81% Of Cultural Changes Fail

We often hear about the depressing high failure rate of business change.

The good news is that the median for success varies massively from 19%-81% depending on the type of change we are looking to make.

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The 3 Change Myths That Need Busting

These three make the top of our change-myth-that-need-busting-list. Why? Because they are an outdated recipe for a messy transition. They stifle motivation and collaboration. And, ultimately set organisations up to fail in delivering successful change.

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Our Business is Build on Ideas – Bankwest in Good Company Campaign

Approach Services and Bankwest teamed up to show you how Business Insights a Bankwest initiative gave Sam and Eva the support to move their business forward

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