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The complex and ever-changing VUCA world is the biggest problem for many leaders today. Business leaders need to balance the Yin-Yang of being resilient and agile.

What you will learn

  • Explore the VUCA concept
  • Discover 3 practical change analogies to use in your change communications
  • Observe a virtual team building activity and how you can use the Speed Mentoring cards to promote a growth mindset culture at work

Who should watch this

  • HR managers, OD professionals, Change Managers, Project Managers, Business Transformation Leads, Middle Managers and Entrepreneurs

Key takeaways

  • Redefine the VUCA world problem statement with a change mindset to Vision, Understanding, Clarity and Agility. – At 2:45 minute
  • Your transformation is a baby and will need to meet development milestones to thrive – At 3:25 minute
  • Leaders are like doctors leading change in a doctor-patient relationship with their teams – At 7:09 minute
  • Imagine your transformation as a surgery. Resistance is a natural process of the body to engage with the new organ/limb, and this might be positive, neutral or negative. – At 8:35 minute
  • Change Management and Change Leadership ensures that we have the right foundation and structure for our house, rather than a beautifully designed but useless leaning Tower of Pisa. – At 5:17 minute
  • Success does not teach you lessons. Failure does. Speed Mentoring expedites learning and taps into our team's experience. – At 10:00 minute
  • Conversations are the smallest measurable unit or change. Use the Speed Mentoring questions to spark creativity, conversations and ideas. – At 10:28 minute

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Watch the 30-minute webinar recording promising at least 1 great leadership tip that you can immediately share with your team.

The Speed Mentoring Cards

Speed Mentoring allows HR and people leaders to promote a change and Growth Mindset at work. 

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