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Growth Mindset Training for Business

A highly engaging and interactive online learning experience that enables leaders and learners to plan and execute effective learning, training and coaching.

You receive a proven coaching and training plan template and practice a growth mindset during any type of change for less than the cost of 1 day of change management consulting.

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Course Overview

We know business transformations can be overwhelming. Over time you might feel the transition is like a glass half empty. Or you might find your positivity and excitement drained by others’ constant worries and concerns. We developed this growth mindset training for business just for you.

You wonder

  • How to think positively and have an optimistic outlook?
  • How to motivate people to change?
  • How to shift from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset?
  • How to embrace challenges and  adopt a growth mindset culture?

If only you had a way to get everybody on board.

Great news! The Growth Mindset To Lead Change online course is an engaging e-learning experience bursting with highly transferrable and practical tools to replace the fear of failure with curiosity.

You will find success in this 2-hour elearning mindset online course. We teach how to reduce resistance and challenges, stress and burnout during transitions. You will also learn how to write and develop a training and coaching plan and schedule that hits the mark.

Why should I enrol in the Growth Mindset course?

At the end of this growth mindset training program, you will be able to:

  • Understand growth zones, biases, grit and your levers for step-change
  • Nudge conversations from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset on the mindset continuum
  • Use Speed Mentoring to create small habits of continuous learning
  • Mindfully practice and foster a learning culture within your workplace

Course Breakdown

In 5 micro-lessons, the growth mindset short course will cover:

  • A whole lot of Growth Mindset basics, including your role as a leader in creating a learning culture
  • The Growth Cycle and your impact on the 4Fs (Fight, Flight, Freeze and Face) Reactions
  • The EXCELerate training & coaching plan and how to create the skills and ability to successfully implement the change management plan in your business
  • 6 principles for life-long learning and how to create mini-habits of Speed Mentoring

Why is this the best online leadership development course for you? 

Do you want personal development and to steer away from limiting beliefs, a toxic culture and negative nellies?

We developed the Growth Mindset To Lead Change course specifically to help professionals and leaders of transitioning businesses or communities create a learning culture that embraces change. You receive a proven learning plan template and learn how to positively shift people’s mindset from “We can’t” to “We can’t YET!” Start your growth mindset journey today!

Course workbook and materials 

  • 1 FREE coaching and training plan template that you can use for all transformations
  • You will get to keep an electronic copy of the course workbook. Simply complete the worksheets on your computer rather than printing.
  • Videos and animations designed to EXCELerate your learning
  • 4 learning Checkpoints to improve your learning retention through out the learning process
  • EXCELerate community interactions and polls for better reflection
  • 1 final assessment to test your knowledge and skills
  • A certificate to add to your LinkedIn education section and resume

Things you need for the Growth Mindset to Lead Change course

  • A laptop or desktop computer with the latest version of a browser, Adobe Acrobat Reader and PowerPoint
  • Speaker or headphones

Meet your leadership trainers

Sam, the CEO

Sam is the co-founder and CEO at Approach Services. Over a decade, he’s transformed people and businesses in APAC, EMEA, and AMER. As a certified Change Management practitioner with a Master’s in Petroleum Engineering, Sam is passionate about transforming how we lead global and sustainable change.

Eva, the Chief Innovation Office

Eva is an innate innovator. She has a diverse background in human resources, change management, change leadership, IT and business transformations. With 10+ years of experience in business innovation and transformation, Eva impacted professionals and businesses across the Resources, Health and NFP sectors.

Charly, the Marketing Executive Manager

Charly sees new possibilities in the future for her team and is excited about what they might achieve. She uses the EXCELerate techniques she learned from the growth mindset training for business and growth mindset workshops to identify learning opportunities, encourage employees and accelerate growth.

What Our Clients Say

I am thoroughly enjoying the work that Approach Services are doing. I’m sure all of our staff are very appreciative of the focus on our people as we transition to New Scitech.



I wish we had received EXCELerate Change Leadership training 12 months ago. It has given me a lot of insight into the change process, how necessary it is for our company and has motivated me personally to be more involved.


Statewide Manager

70% of our participants voted VERY SATISFIED and 25% SATISFIED with EXCELerate Change Leadership Training

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