7 Reasons to Invest in Change Leadership When You Are Working In The Australian Health and Aged Care Sector

The biggest challenge for leaders working in Health and Aged Care is conflict resolution and having difficult conversations.

This is the key to manage resistance to change and achieve better outcomes for everyone involved.

In this free webinar, we explore...

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  • How can we help?

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7 reasons why you need change leadership

Fuelled by passion for the cause

Investing in Change Leadership training increase your inhouse capabilities to use intrinsic motivation, values, grit and trust to drive change. Other than rewards and penalties (extrinsic motivation), intrinsic motivation brings joy and passion back to the task.

Understaffed and overworked

Investing in your organisation's capability to sustainably leads change cuts down on the workload. Rather than focussing on behavioural change on a project level, you will drive change integrated across all parts of the organisation and strategy. For example, integrating internal messaging reduces the noise and number of meetings.

7 Reasons to Invest in Change Leadership When You Are Working In The Australian Health and Aged Care Sector

Need to break silos and build bridges

Change leadership training creates a common language, process and approach to navigate change across all stakeholders and levels of the organisation. It raises awareness about where communication and information break down and where bridges need to be built.

Most at risk of work-related mental health issues

Organisational change triggers a wide range of emotions in us and our employees. Part of Change Leadership is to understand what happens to our brains and bodies when we experience change, uncertainty and ambiguity. Change Leadership skills enable us to better regulate stress and emotions associated with change and allow us role-model change.

7 Reasons to Invest in Change Leadership When You Are Working In The Australian Health and Aged Care Sector (2)

Attracting and retaining talent

Change Leadership is one of the top 5 leadership skills needed in 2030. Investing in transferrable future-ready development has benefits past the skill-gap-closure. It helps to attract and retain talents and breeds confidence in your organisation’s growth. Change Leadership training gives your organisation an edge in tackling the industry’s skill shortage and high turnover rates.

Customer-centric care

Change projects always have an element of risk associated with people reverting back to old habits. Investment in in-house Change Leadership capabilities ensures that we embed a customer-centric care culture beyond the attention of the Royal Commission and the New Aged Care Standards.

Change is here to stay

Yes, the Australian Health and Aged Care Sector is going through a massive cultural shift. Yet, this is only the beginning. We know that change is here to stay. Just think, that soon more baby boomers will require care. Will they be asking for a spa and a pool?

Not into words?

Watch this 40-minute webinar recording discussing 7 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Change Leadership if you work in the Australian Health and Aged Care sector.


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