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At the Change Readiness Academy, we believe in being different - in a good way.

We promise this is not your typical online learning platform or traditional training provider. We are your companion and work with you to achieve a top-quality learning experience.

When you join our training program, you can expect: 

  • Holistic focus on building Leadership, Project Management and Change Management capabilities. 
  • 12-month access to our secure and easy-to-use Learning Management System (LMS) on your desktop computer and mobile phone.
  • Discovering practical tools and resources, such as toolkits , templates , and engaging videos that fit your busy schedule.
  • Peer collaboration opportunities and personalised feedback in the Change Leader Club (Regular virtual accountability coaching and Q&A sessions with our experts). 
  • A complimentary Certificate of Achievement upon passing the final assessment.
  • Celebrating your achievement as a certified Change Leader in a virtual graduation ceremony.

We are confident that our evidence-based approach to Change Leadership development will equip you with the skills and tools to lead and manage change.

Approach Services
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Working with Approach Services has been an incredibly rewarding experience that enabled me to learn new skills and grow professionally through their courses. I really appreciated their Change Advocate program, through this program, I learned invaluable skills such as conflict resolution techniques, problem solving strategies, and collaboration tools that will help me succeed in any professional setting.The Resilient Change Leader Course was particularly helpful in helping me understand how to manage change and create an effective team environment. I learned strategies for managing stress, handling difficult conversations and more. The course not only helped me develop the confidence I need to take on challenging challenges but also provided me with the tools that are essential for leading successful change initiatives. Overall, I highly recommend the Approach Services Courses to anyone looking to become a better leader and gain the skills needed to successfully manage change.Lastly, working with Approach Services was an incredibly positive experience. The team provided me with excellent support!
Response from the owner: Thank you for this wonderful feedback, Marjorie!
Eva and Sam are great teachers who explain the material in a calm and understandable way.The examples they chose were vivid and from real life, so I could visualise and remember them well.Their dynamic and convincing presentation convinced me and I will take the contents of the course with me on my further journey.If the ideas and suggestions are implemented, then change can work!
Response from the owner: Thanks, Maria, for this amazing review. It means a lot to our team that we delivered a successful online course to our valued clients. We wish you success!
I did the Agile Change Leader course and had trouble finding time for it at first. But I was able to go at my own pace whenever I had time and that helped me a lot.The structured nature of the course helped me to go deeper into the topic and gave me ideas on how to manage my daily challenges in the change processes we face.I also liked the mix of different media such as video text and graphics. Clear recommendation to attend a course. Thanks Approach Services, thanks Eva and Sam!
Response from the owner: Thank you for your wonderful feedback! We are glad the micro-learning fit your busy schedule. Congratulations!
I enjoyed the course and really liked the content which was well organised. Course is focused on key principles of change implementation and some very common challenges faced by organizations when communicating critical changes that significantly impacts its workforce. I particularly liked the 4-levels of listening models presented (Otto Scharmer) and reflection on various communication styles adopted by Green, Yellow, Blue and Red classified leaders.Will recommend it for change leaders looking to improve overall effectiveness of their change communication & implementation.
Response from the owner: Thanks, Imran, for an excellent review. We are glad that you liked the Communicating Change course. Thanks for recommending it to other change professionals.
I took the Conflict Resolution in Change online course recently and was very impressed. Aside from the precise and understandable explanations that already helped a lot in my current work, it was actually quite fun and anything but dry. I will definitely try more of your courses soon
Response from the owner: We appreciate your excellent review, Basti. We strive to deliver the most practical online courses to our clients. Looking forward to the next course you'll try. Please reach out if you need anything else. Thank you!
I ordered the Speed Mentoring Card Deck. Fast shipping. Friendly customer service. I love the design of the cards and the tin box they come in. We have a lot of fun playing the Speed Mentoring game as an icebreaker, to spark conversations and to create micro-habits of learning.
Response from the owner: Nora, thank you for the great review! We’re so happy you loved our Speed Mentoring Cards and can’t wait to have you try other products and courses. Until then, we’re here if you need anything.
Valere is a clever game. It's fun to play with friends or colleagues. An easy way to reflect on your core values , culture and actions. I like to think of it as a compass. The cards, board and box are of good quality. Highly recommend.
Response from the owner: Thank you for the kind words, Horst! We're happy to know that you enjoyed using our Valere toolkit. We are grateful that you're recommending our products to others. Thanks again!
I really enjoyed completing the Resilient Change Leader course. It was a good mix of text and video instructions, very creative and entertaining. The quizzes show the learning progress, which is very motivating. I especially liked the opportunity to subdivide the course in many small steps. Clear recommendation to participate in a course and many thanks to Eva and Sam!
Response from the owner: Thank you, Anna. We are very glad that you enjoyed the course. Well done!
Very intuitive course to dive deeper into this topic of change. Important stuff to know when you have to handle and understand those processes in real business life.
Response from the owner: Thank you. We are glad you liked the Resilient Change Leader online course.
I took the course about communicating changes and was very impressed. The coaches, Eva and Sam were precise and delivered the material in a very easy and clear way, and the course itself was very interesting. I ;earned a lot about changes and how to communicate them!
Response from the owner: Thank you, Vlady, for your detailed review. We are glad that communicating change been a valuable course for you.
Not being able to meet the team in person due to the on-going travel restrictions I decided to take one of their on-line courses. Since I had no prior experience with e-lerning I was rather curious. Turns out, the course was fun to do, content very well presented in text, grafics and video. Exercises and quizzes ensure that you have really digested the content before you proceed to the next session. This worked surprisingly well for me. I do have years of management experience, so I can easily see, that I would have had quite a benefit, had I known these tools earlier.
Response from the owner: Thank you Hans-Georg for your positive and detailed feedback. This means the world to us!
Approach Services is one of the best places to work, I must confess. As a copywriter, I was able to create content and my skills also grew in leaps and bounds. The environment is conducive for growth and they truly live out their values. I couldn't have asked for a better place to express my skills!
Response from the owner: Thank you Victory. We loved having you on board. We wish you all the best for your next endeavours!
Response from the owner: Thank you Elina, it was a pleasure to facilitate the Speed Mentoring Activity.
Eva Sayem was the trainer and facilitator of a Growth Mindset and Change Leadership workshop presented at a recent 2 day planning event that I attended. I found her to be very well-versed in the topic and had a relaxed but passionate style of getting the information across. She was able to answer a range of questions, and dealt really well with the sometimes stressed responses in the room (due to funding uncertainty).What I found most noteworthy was that she embraced the group's shared concerns, listened to what it was we wanted to get out of the session, and was able to quickly pivot and move into a role that facilitated and guided a more concrete plan, leaving us satisfied with the outcome of the day.
Response from the owner: Thanks Shamara, for the heartfelt review. It means a lot to Eva and the team that our services deliver valuable results for our clients and all participants. We look forward to working with Volunteering WA and the volunteering community again.
I have been dealing with the team (Eva and Sam) at Approach Services in several capacities of my career - Eva and Sam are highly knowledgeable, professional and I consider them game-changers in leading cultural and organizational change. Most recently I engaged with them in my capacity as Head of People and Culture at Alzheimer's WA. The team at Approach Services were able to help me at short notice and guided me through the process of creating a rapid change and communication plan. I can highly recommend Approach Services as leaders in change management and organizational development. Their professionalism, knowledge-sharing and dedication are exceptional. Especially in the area of not-for-profit and disability/aged care their understanding and knowledge is invaluable.
Response from the owner: Thank you Frances. Feedback like this means the world to us! We hope to work with you on many more occasions.
Over the last 4 months, I had an amazing opportunity to work at Approach Services as an IT Support and Administrator. I have been able to learn and practice a wide range of skills from setting up a Linux server, to cybersecurity, web development and Business Analysis. Sadly, my internship has come to an end. It has been a pleasure working with you guys and hope this isn't the last time we meet. I highly recommend Approach Services as an employer or any change management/Leadership solutions your business may require. Eva And Sam are highly dedicated genuine individuals and will ensure your business gets what it requires.
Response from the owner: Thank you James. What a wonderful feedback. We wish you all the best for the future and would love to work with you again!
During a time of immense change at my organisation Eva's genuine and people focused approach provided me with a valuable touchpoint during this change. The work done in the approach workshops has served as a valuable ongoing tool in my life as well.
Response from the owner: Thanks Emmaline. Lovely to hear!
Amazing people with full focus on customers satisfaction and in achieving their true potential.
Response from the owner: Thank you. We are glad to hear such praise!
Great training that can be applied in both personal and professional settings with regards to how you effectively communicate and engage with people. Sam & Eva have a natural aptitude for engaging a room in a way that's spontaneous enough to be fun but also structured in a way to give you those "aha" moments at strategic points in the training.
Response from the owner: Thank you for your review, Nick! We hope Sydney is treating you well.
I originally signed up for coaching and mentoring in November 2015 and had Sam from Approach Services mentor & coach me to develop my interpersonal skills. I went travelling through Europe for 8 months and was given a task to apply what I had learnt during my sessions and to recorded where and how I applied the skills I had learnt. On return to Perth, I sat down with Sam and went through my recorded notes during a debriefing session. With the feed back provided on my recordings I was able to further develop my interpersonal skills.In August of 2018, commenced the EXCELerate Leadership Training programme, first attending the Conflict and Problem Solving Workshop to further develop & build upon the foundations of my interpersonal skills. I throughly enjoyed the workshops, with the brainstorming and role play sessions.Late August had the privilege of being able to work for Approach Services as a consultant for the Engineering Consultancy side, as a Project Engineer in the Oil & Gas industry, on a decommissioning project for six (6) months. I have throughly enjoyed my time working for Approach Services and have made life long friendships with the staff. I hope to be involved with future projects with Approach Services, providing solutions to their clients.
Response from the owner: Thanks for your amazing and insightful review. It's an absolute delight to have been working with you and seeing you grow!
EXCELerate program designed around the framework of experiential learning with each workshop include components like teaching, doing and reflecting. The engaging workshops makes you to question the norms, connects you to behavioural skills and gives an opportunity to experiment the conceptsI thoroughly enjoyed every workshop, role plays helped me to come out of my comfort zone in safe and friendly environment.Highly recommend to anyone looking for a program in professional development.
Response from the owner: Thank you for your 5 star review! We're very happy to hear your feedback and wish you the best in your leadership journey.

Practical, Collaborative, and Tailored: Our Approach to Leadership Development

We understand that every organisation's needs are unique. That is why we offer a wide range of topics and tailored learning pathways to meet your specific leadership development needs.  

Our Change Readiness Academy is not a one-size-fits-all approach; instead, we provide practical techniques, tools, and wisdom that can be adapted and applied immediately to the challenges of your workplace. 

Our team of experienced Leadership, Project Management, and Change Management professionals shares their insights, so you do not have to learn organisational change the hard way. 

change capability framework

Bite-sized micro-credentials make it easier for learners to progress the program at work and apply skills to their daily routines. 

Change Leader Club

We believe in the power of social learning and collaboration. So, our program encourages participants to work together as a cohort, completing self-directed activities and sharing their experiences in small group coaching sessions. The Change Leader Club allows for peer feedback, creating a sense of accountability and accomplishment for the individual.  

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Join Us Today and Become a Change Leader 

Our Change Readiness Academy offers both open programs and custom learning pathways for Change Leaders and Change Champions to cater for different needs.  

In our open programs, individuals can select topics from all courses and self-direct their learning journey. You will have access to regular Change Leader Club coaching sessions. Here, experts provide tailored advice and feedback based on your learning progress and questions. 

happy team using ccsc

For organisations looking for a more tailored approach, we offer custom learning pathways. This includes a co-creation session to align the Change Leader or Change Champion Learning Pathway with the business strategy and training needs. Custom programs start with a virtual kick-off session and keep momentum with dedicated accountability coaching sessions. Customisation is available at an additional cost, but we believe it is worth the investment to create a more impactful learning experience.  

Either way, we recommend organisations expect learners to commit at least one hour weekly towards learning and practice. 

Our pricing structure is flexible and modular to suit different budgets and needs. For small cohorts, we charge a booking fee of $3000 per person, which includes access to all resources and sessions for 12 months.  

For larger groups of 10 or more learners, we offer enterprise packages at discounted rates. Customisation is provided at an additional cost based on our regular hourly consultant rate. 

Contact us and Level Up your Change Management and Leadership skills today!  

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