Become part of our approachable team!

Our vision is to shape the way we lead change around the world. As future thinkers, we help organisations develop leaders that bounce back in adversity and excel through change.


We are change experts passionate about improving people's and businesses' capability to lead innovation and change.


Approach Services, based in Perth, has a unique culture that offers a flexible work environment that's fun and encouraging.


Besides being a diverse and inclusive team, we value growth and development and we're ready to hear your ideas. 

At Approach Services, we care about our employees, clients and community and encourage everyone to take part.

Working at Approach Services is pretty awesome, and you get to be yourself!

We are passionate about making this the best job you’ve ever had. Culture, collaboration and systems are how we do that. But we can’t change the world alone. We need you! We celebrate diversity, curiosity, community, accountability and creativity.

Benefits you have and should expect from working with us;

  • A work environment that gives you the tools for success.
  • A culture that treats you like family and encourages continuous learning.
  • Opportunities to grow and make an immediate impact.
  • A job aligning with your career goals.

We’re looking for people who love continuous development and learning. People who share our relentless drive to solve problems, grow, and continue to evolve. People who are looking for more than a job. Total rock star? Not a problem. We hire them too!

Do you want to work for an organisation, where:

Your voice matters.

You are hired for your strengths.

You are helped to improve on your weaknesses.

Then we can’t wait to hear from you.

Here is what our team loves about working at Approach Services:

  • You will be a part of a fast-growing organisation working on innovative solutions to develop the future of work.
  • You’ll get up-close experience in a broad range of areas. Our small size means you’ll learn quicker and faster with more responsibility, greater autonomy and freedom.
  • Your career is our priority. We provide extensive induction and onboarding. You'll get regular training and professional development to grow and achieve your full potential.
  • From working in the CBD office, assisting clients on-site, or managing your projects remotely, Approach Services roles are all designed to be hybrid and offer the unique opportunity to grow professionally. We use contemporary ways of collaborating and optimising our own time per our skill sets and preferences.
  • We are committed to helping you balance your work and personal life. You’ll find it possible to care for your family or handle other personal situations.
  • Cultural fit is of utmost importance for us. Approach Services prides itself in delivering evidence-based and practical advice, growing and developing our staff and caring deeply for our team and work-life balance.

What Our Team Members Say


Working for Approach Services is an amazing opportunity to learn, practice and expand my skills!


IT Support & Administrator


Growth! That’s one word that summarises my experience at Approach Services. I'm super glad to be a part of the business's journey.


Senior Project Engineer

Our four core values; grow, advise, develop, and care, guide all our actions.

Let’s have a closer look at what these values mean to us:



We continuously expand and grow our business in Australia and around the globe by implementing systems, processes, and workflows and making profitable decisions.

  • We remove bottlenecks by sharing our knowledge and skills.
  • We create repeatable systems and templates for our workflows.
Sam giving an advise to a leader for a successful transformation.


We are here to shape the way we lead change around the world by providing outstanding innovative advice to our clients and team.

  • We speak up and share recommendations.
  • We ask for help and feedback.


We attract and create brilliant minds by providing quality onboarding, rewarding training, and career development, and continuous improvement.

  • We allow time for trial and error.
  • We make an effort to learn and teach others new skills.


Our business gives back to our community and the environment. We do so through our daily actions and our corporate social responsibility program.

  • We make time to check in with our clients, colleagues and peers about how they are doing.
  • We give back to the community with one corporate social responsibility (CSR) day per annum.

Our approachable team

Join our approachable team to improve global Change Leadership. Over the past decade, we have facilitated tons of workshops & online courses and provided hundreds of learners with both personal & organisational change leadership skills. Our EXCELerate Change Leadership workshops and online academy help organisations to become change-agile and resilient.

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Headquartered in beautiful Perth, Western Australia, we help our clients to build a leadership team that quickly recovers from challenges and thrives through change.

As a team member at Approach Services, you will enjoy a work-life balance with quality onboarding and training in a flexible, fun, and professional environment with lots of exposure to different projects and clients. We celebrate achievements, big or small. And if you fail, we’ll pick you up to give it another try.

At Approach Services, our goal is to make the world a better place by putting people first. We aren’t looking for anyone who wants to delay or just “kick the can down the road.” Working with us means making real, tangible progress toward our goals - a future in which all people thrive and no one is left behind. If that resonates with you, we’d love to hear from you.


Job openings

We welcome more talents, including but not limited to

  • Change Management consultants
  • Project engineers
  • Facilitators, Trainers and coaches
  • Business or IT interns
  • Executive Assistant
  • Business Development and Sales Representative
  • Creative wizards

How to apply?

Please supply the following when you are interested and available to join;

  • Your Full CV
  • Plus, a general half-page profile overview
  • Kindly outline your remuneration expectation
  • Apply directly on our career page here
  • Attach examples of your work portfolio
  • We will notify the shortlisted candidates via email/phone call

Freelancers – please apply if you want to be contacted and considered to represent Approach Services on a project.

Recruitment FAQ’s

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