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Enjoy rewards by referring Us

Recommend the Change Conversation Starter Cards Toolkit, Digital Downloads or our services to your employer, colleagues and friends, and we'll reward you with a present.


We are excited to invite you to join our referral program and empower businesses to move through change more smoothly.

As our referral partner, you will be part of an inspiring network that makes real change possible.

So step up and spread the word!

This is how our referral program works

L&D Facilitation

Refer 5 friends

Get an $89 gift for every 5 friends who buy our toolkits or downloads.

Sam giving an advise to a leader for a successful transformation.

Link us with a project

For every consulting contract referred by you, get 2 free subscriptions to our academy.


Organise an event

For every event we run at your professional member association, get 2 free academy subscriptions. 

Our referral program is a simple way for you to earn rewards by spreading the word about our services. You can do so by referring individuals or organisations to us. Once they become our clients following your reference, you earn rewards as detailed in our 3 offers.

Just put in a good word for us to the person or organisation you're referring. Then, drop us an email at letting us know about your referral. Please ask the person or organisation you're referring to also mention your name.

You can expect your kickback within 30 days from the day you meet the requirements. We'll verify your referral and apply your reward once everything checks out.

Absolutely! The more you refer, the more rewards you can earn. There's no limit to the number of referrals you can make.

We'll reach out to you once your referral is successful. If everything checks out, we'll be sure to send you the rewards as per our agreements.

refer us

Earn rewards by referring us

Recommend the Change Conversation Starter Cards Toolkit, Digital Downloads and our services to your friends, and we'll reward you with a kickback.

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Your information is safe with us.

Rest assured, we take the utmost care when managing your information. We will never sell it or share it. We value you as a partner and respect your privacy. Questions? See our privacy policy.


We reserve the right to modify or discontinue our Referral Program. Approach Services will not be liable to you in the event of any modification, suspension or discontinuance of the Referral Program. See out T&C’s.

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