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Welcome to Approach Services, your extended project team. Since 2014, we have provided holistic solutions in Change Management, Project Engineering, and Leadership Development. As a small but mighty enterprise, we may be based in West Australia and the Philippines, but our services span around the globe. Our team of cross-functional experts is passionate about delivering ongoing value to our clients.  

With an agile approach, we work flexibly to meet your needs, leveraging remote work and deliverable-based engagements. Let us introduce you to our star collaborators and change makers who will guide your business through its next evolution. 

Our team of experts will help you streamline your Change Management process, optimise project delivery, and develop Change Leadership skills through our comprehensive services. With years of industry experience under our belt, we bring a unique blend of technical expertise and people skills to ensure successful project delivery.  

We understand that organisations often struggle with change, disrupting operations, leading to high turnover and sunk costs. Approach Services provides a reliable, scalable change project solution to help you lead and manage lasting change smoothly with reduced costs, increased trust, confidence, and measurable results. 

Do not just take our word for it - hear from our satisfied clients about their experience with Approach Services: 

chris d

Thank you to the entire Approach Services team for the support and guidance on the communication of the integration activities. I believe the Altrad business will be in a strong position to leverage the approach, and content produced, for all future integrations."

Chris D.

Integration Manager, Altrad APAC

deb h

"Thank you, Approach Services Team! I Am thoroughly enjoying the work that you are doing. And I'm sure all of our staff are very appreciative of the focus on our people as we transition to New Scitech."

Deb H.

Scitech, CEO

Our magic sauce - The 6C's Change Management Solution

At our company, we do not just talk about change management - we live and breathe it with our holistic Change Management solution: The 6 C's. 


We have consistently delivered impressive results for our clients through:  

  • Co-creation: Creating a change narrative around the company's vision and need for change begins with virtual interviews and sessions with the Executive Team and Senior Management.
  • Co-sensing: After the co-creation phase, interviews and observations will be conducted with a group of highly impacted stakeholders to uncover questions, concerns, and change champions.
  • Co-plan: We use the Co-creation and Co-sensing reports to create Change Management Plans that fit with the project schedule and lead to a sustained transformation.
  • Change Leadership: Our blended training and coaching will develop a sponsorship coalition for this and all future projects. Engaged leaders allow you to lead and manage change more effectively.
  • Change Advocacy: Now is the time to scale your transition efforts. We use proven systems and a blended training approach to enrol, onboard, develop and empower change champions to advocate for the change.
  • Continuous improvement: Don't worry, when the rubber hits the road. Checkpoints, surveys, analysis, recommendations and ongoing support from our experts see you through to benefits realisation.

With our magic sauce of the 6Cs approach, we have doubled efficiency, reduced costs, enhanced collaboration, and improved employee satisfaction. Our system ensures that change is effectively managed and benefits are realised, all while maintaining team energy and motivation.   

So why settle for mediocre project outcomes and change management when you can achieve transformational results with us?  

Let's show you how and co-create the future together.

Don't let idle time and resources go to waste - choose Approach Services

By engaging Approach Services, you are not only choosing a lean, cost-effective, and flexible solution for your business needs, but you are also gaining access to proven templates, systems, and solutions. Our team of consultants is highly skilled in Change Management, Training and Assessment, Organisational Psychology, Psychometric Testing, Coaching and Subsea Engineering, and takes a pragmatic approach to delivering results.  

Competitive Rates with Flexible Options - Contact Us Now!

What sets us apart from other consulting firms is our agile team structure - we work flexibly and remotely, adapting to the changing needs of your business. And with our deliverable-based engagements, you can be assured that our services will always meet your desired outcomes. Plus, why pay for full-time employees when you can have a dedicated team at a fraction of the cost? Our "can-do" attitude and passion for what we do will ensure that your project reaches its full potential.  

Our services are tailored to your specific needs, and you can engage us for one-off projects or as ongoing support based on an agreed scope. Our rates are competitive with market standards, and we offer flexible payment options, including 14-day payment terms. Additionally, our cost-time-resource sheet (CTR) allows you to have full transparency over the cost of our services, ensuring that you receive an accurate and fair price for our work. 

To engage us, simply contact us via phone or email with your project details. We will provide a quick quote based on your needs and desired outcomes. Our team aims to respond to all requests within 24 hours, so you can benefit from our services as soon as possible. 

ctr sample

After contacting us, you can expect a passionate, committed, and creative team with strong values of advising, developing, growing, and caring. Our business is committed to a positive energy transition, circular economy, and the 17 UN sustainability goals by upskilling the global workforce with change readiness and leadership capabilities.  

approach services, change capability framework

Our experienced consultants have versatile skills across different domains and utilise a systems-thinking approach to find holistic solutions for your business change and project needs.  

We promote collaboration through various platforms such as MS Teams, SharePoint, and Trello. Our agile scrum methodology ensures continuous value delivery to our clients, allowing you to see tangible results from our work.  

So do not hesitate - contact us today and let Approach Services be your go-to team for all your Change Management, Project Engineering, and Workshop Facilitation needs!  

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