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Since 2014, our courses are continuously developed, improved and delivered by highly engaging facilitators and professionals from respective industries. The training is practical, skills-based learning for every middle to senior leader, great for refreshing your change management and leadership skills or discovering new professional arenas.

Approach Services provides unique leadership development courses to drive personal growth and organisational development. We develop change-ready organisations by explaining the psychological and physical impact of a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and changing) world on people and businesses.

We take this newfound awareness to uplift communication skills, collaboration and cooperation skills, conflicts - and problem-solving skills, mentoring and coaching skills. Through our program leaders experience what resilient, agile and authentic leadership looks and feels like.

Currently, we offer 12 face-to-face workshops courses:

Value Driven Change Leader Workshop

A highly engaging and interactive learning experience that builds authenticity, integrity and resilience. The leaders learn practical tools to inspire and motivate others through vision and values during times of uncertainty.

Agile Change Leader Workshop

A highly engaging and interactive learning experience that builds change-agility. The leaders learn how to build purposeful relationships, collaborate effectively and build organisation-wide change advocacy.

Resilient Change Leader Workshop

A highly engaging and interactive learning experience that improves the leader's self-regulation, emotional intelligence and resilience. The leaders learn rapid change planning to reassure, influence and guide others through ambiguity and drive change.

Communicating Change Workshop

A power-packed workshop that focusses on practicing and finetuning effective two-way change communication. Leaders learn effective communication and listening skills, practice interpersonal skills and systems to communicate in times of uncertainty and ambiguity.

Conflict Resolution in Change Workshop

A highly engaging and experiential learning
experience that improves conflict resolution and resistance management. Leaders practice interpersonal skills, communication, problem solving and negotiation. They learn tools to mediated and coach others through managing resistance to change.

Growth Mindset to Lead Change Workshop

A highly engaging and mindful learning experience that improves self-awareness and practices a growth mindset. Leaders learn practical tools to foster a learning culture and change mindset.

The Art of Cooperation Workshop

Grow your social capital by focusing on collective IQ

Grow your network

Practice your cooperation skills

Adapt your style to improve relationships

Value Driven Leadership Workshop

Cast a positive leadership shadow that inspires others to follow

Reflect on your core values

Practice situational leadership

Drive behaviour & decisions from values

Effective Communication Workshop

Challenge you out of your comfort zone to improve your communication

Adapt your communication style

Sharpen active listening

Practice effective communications strategies

Conflict & Problem Solving Workshop

Turn conflicts into opportunities by having your de-escalation skills ready

Adapt a problem-solving mindset

Practice de-escalation & conflict management

Aim for a win-win negotiation

Boosting Motivation Workshop

Boost your motivation & achieve flow at work

Create a clear vision & goals

Identify motivation drivers

Practice motivation boosters

Powerful Mentoring Workshop

Build effective mentoring relationships to support personal growth

Identify the ideal mentor

Master mentor-worthiness

Take the steps to initiate mentoring

We deliberately designed our training to be flexible and modular, tailored to your needs and budget. Most workshops run from 2 hours to a half-day and can be delivered immersive over 3-days or spread out over several months, supported by retention surveys and coaching.

All courses come with a complimentary Certificate of Achievement that you receive straight after passing the final assessment. Our alumni love to share their achievements with their professional network at work or on LinkedIn.

Just completed a workshop? Test your learning with these 6 skill assessments and obtain your complimentary certificate.

Test your learning with these 6 skill assessments and obtain your complimentary certificate.


Communicating Change Workshop


Resilient Change Leader Workshop


Conflict Resolution In Change Workshop


Growth Mindset To Lead Change Workshop


Agile Change Leader Workshop


Value Driven Change Leader Workshop


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Case study



An iconic Perth Non-for-Profit was going through a significant transformational journey following a bold strategy to revamp an organisation that had been stable for 30 years.

The CEO and Executive of Strategy & Planning sponsored Approach Services to be the trusted partner and guide for a strategic transformational program of three key projects.

A team of four change experts established a structured organisational change management practice and rolled out an extensive executive and leadership training and coaching program. Within 12 months Scitech established active and visible change leadership, applied structured change management to two major projects, 75% of the surveyed staff were very satisfied with our work, and 93% of leaders successfully graduated from the EXCELerate program.

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