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Change Communication Plan | Change Management Poster | Factsheet Templates For Change Managers | Change Newsletter


Approach Services presents the ultimate Change Management Communication Asset Library. These digital posters, factsheet templates and newsletter content are designed for Project and Change Managers.

  • FAST-TRACK CHANGE COMMS: Pre-load your communication plan with engaging and professional content
  • INFLUENCE TEAMS: Help stakeholders adopt new processes and procedures with ease
  • BEST-PRACTICES: Engaging posters, templates and newsletters instead of boring emails

Download now and kick off your change communication plan today!


These 10+ Change Communications Plan Assets are the perfect way to kick off your project and keep the momentum going.



  • Visual nudges and reminders
  • Creating project factsheets
  • Designing townhall presentations
  • Developing training and coaching
  • Writing change shares for newsletters
  • Informing toolbox talks and briefings


  • Save time by quickly tailoring professionally copy-written materials
  • Create consistent, compelling change messages when you need it
  • Engage many stakeholders at once to embrace change


  • Save time and money on change communication initiatives
  • Quickly reach and educate employees and change champions
  • Build excitement and enthusiasm around the change initiative

With 10+ Change Communication Assets filled with engaging content, designs and self-directed learning prompts, and more, you can take your change communications plan to the next level. These templates and printables are perfect for organisations of any size and make preparing for, managing and sustaining change easier and more engaging.

Every template comes with detailed instructions to get you started. We offer continued ideas, videos and other resources to help you incorporate the ultimate Change Communication assets into every change project.

Download your copy today!


  • 3 Change Management Posters
  • 1 editable Factsheets Template for Change Managers
  • 6 Change Newsletter Copies
  • 3 Designs
  • 1 detailed instruction
  • Lifetime licence


  • Editable Word Documents, PowerPoints and Excel worksheets.
  • Printable PDFs


  • Library of ideas and uses
  • Comes with our unique 12-month “roadside assistance”, which includes 1 complimentary consulting call per month

What Our Clients Say

I enjoyed the Change Communicating resources and really liked the content which was well organised. The assets focus on key principles of change implementation and some very common challenges faced by organizations when communicating critical changes that significantly impacts its workforce.

Imran Jafri, Senior VP

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Very intuitive materials to dive deeper into this topic of change. Important stuff to know when you have to handle and understand those processes in real business life.

Florian Gottschall, GTM Enablement Manager


I downloaded the change comms templates and was very impressed. The coaches, Eva and Sam were helpful and delivered the material in a very easy and clear way, and the posters and newsletter itself were very interesting. I learned a lot about changes and how to communicate it!

Vlady Rafael, Software Engineer


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