The Only Change Management Partner You Will Ever

The only change management consultancy partner you will ever need

If your workplace is like most, you might feel the pressure to innovate your way of working and leverage new technologies. Unfortunately, like in most organisations, people have reached their limit for change. Yes, change saturation and fatigue are real.

But whilst we need to pivot, change and transform faster, most businesses still grapple with how to manage change.

In fact, the low median success rates for change, between 19% for cultural change to 81% for strategic change, show that organisational change management needs a facelift.

The good news is:

Research indicates that using a structured Change Management approach makes you 6 times more likely to succeed with change

We follow Gartner's recommendations and use an open-source approach high in engagement to cut your time to implement change by 1/3rd and increase your chances for success by another 20%

93% of our surveyed clients were able to sustain and evolve changes in-house with the plan, tools and consulting provided by Approach Services

Our 6C’s Change Management approach makes evidence-based and practical Change Management accessible for small to large organisations. We are almost 5 times more affordable than the Big 4 consultancies

And 96% of surveyed clients are likely to recommend Approach Services.

Why? Because we’ve been in your shoes. As experts, we’ve built solutions and partnerships to help you navigate change with success.

Our approach is simple. Our Change Management strategy is based on the latest insights of global research, transformed into practical advice and refined in real-world projects across multiple organisations. Our change management process is CEO-approved that delivers results.


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We Don’t Just Tick Boxes:

We Co-create Your Future With You Every Step of the Way.

We’re not merely another Change Management consultant or another management consulting firm. We don’t use broad theories or shake things up for the sake of being different. Unlike any other change management consulting firms, we specialise in result-oriented, practical and flexible change management services and solutions that work.

Established in 2014, Approach Services is a Western Australian-owned and operated training and business consulting provider to global enterprises, NFP’s and Australian government agencies.

The Approach Services team has significant experience delivering evidence-based and practical advice remotely and in person. Our team of highly skilled technical and business change management consultants employs best practices from Prosci, the ACMP Change Management Standards, Theory U, Kotter, Human-centred design, system-thinking, agile and lean. Truly agnostic, we guide you to the most effective and fit-for-purpose way to manage your change.  Whilst 70% of our clients engage us on a result-based contract, we also offer services on time and material.

Let us boost your Change Management Capacity instantly. We can take the onus of writing your Change Management and communications plan, define your Resistance and Risk Management approach or co-create the vision and change roadmap with you. We equip and coach you and provide you with tools and templates for a smooth transition.

Above all else, we are committed to continuously developing our knowledge and services by keeping abreast of the latest research and industry trends. This helps us deliver assignments to the highest standards. Our approach is curious — we listen to our clients. We take the time to understand your business, your business processes, your people, and your challenge and project to create lasting benefits at the bottom line.

We’ve worked hard to build strong relationships with organisations and people in Western Australia. Our growing list of clients, partners and panels is a strong endorsement of our ability to deliver.

Approach Services is looking forward to applying our experience to strengthen your organisation.

A structured yet flexible way to manage change and create real results

We understand the risks of business transformations. You might be worried about the additional stress and mental health issues, a drop in performance or customer satisfaction, higher turnover and loss of talent or conflicts and problems leading to siloed unsustainable changes.

From change strategy to communicating change and everything in between– our team of expert consultants can make it feel easy. We focus on the right levers for the human side of your project whilst keeping an eye on the hard side of change management.

Our 6C's Change Management approach deploys a modular structure:


The Co-creation workshops deliver your visual transition roadmap

The Co-Sensing observations deliver the impact and risk assessment

Co-planning delivers a Change Management plan closely integrated with your project plan, outlining communication, sponsorship, training, coaching and resistance management.

The EXCELerate Change Leadership Program delivers empowered Change Leaders

The Change Advocacy mapping and training amplifies your change activities

Our monitoring and accountability system delivers feedback to inform course Corrections


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Case studies



It was a delight working with Scitech, a well-regarded non-for-profit challenging their status quo with a bold business strategy transition. The strategic transformation was highly dependent on behavioral changes. As an added challenge Scitech had never applied change management to any project yet. Approach Services delivered the entire executive, leadership and change champion change training. At the same time, we deployed a change specialist and change manager within the PMO to establish best-practices change management. 95% of all surveyed staff were extremely satisfied with our services.

Alliance Against Depression

The Alliance Against Depression (AAD) approached us to develop a Change Communication Plan and schedule covering an 18 months project to communicate the community-wide change to 120 stakeholders across different organisations and 7 channels from social media to events. The communication plan and schedule were developed within 4 weeks and rolled out successfully across the relevant stakeholders throughout the community. We ensured the project lead had all tools, strategies, and skills to communicate the change effectively and implement the plan.

Screenshot 2021-09-15 125225
Alzheimer's WA

Alzheimer’s WA

Approach Services was engaged to assist with a 12-month internal communications strategy project that needed to break down a complex story. The overall aim was to 'change the conversation' across the whole of Alzheimer’s WA and gain buy-in from all stakeholders for the cultural change. The scope of work had a very tight timeline. We worked collaboratively to deliver game-changing work. The result was an effective rapid change plan combined with a communication plan and schedule tailored to all 200 stakeholders across the organisation.

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