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We get it, sometimes you just need someone to run an inspiring workshop for you.

Approach Services are experts in supporting Australia’s leading businesses design, deliver and evaluate quality training and coaching programs. We are partner with a pool of carefully selected and groomed facilitators to provide you with an extra pair of hands and brains.

Whether you need someone to deliver a workshop program you designed or need some help with customising programs to your needs, we are here for you.

Boost your training capacity with competent and engaging facilitators

Since 2014, we have been designing, developing, delivering and evaluating learning solutions for technical and business content. Our senior consultants and trainers each have a minimum of 10+ years of hands-on experience in their relevant areas of expertise, across a comprehensive range of business specialities, Change Management, Leadership Development, Project Management and Engineering, IT and organisational psychology. This ensures our assignments are delivered to the highest possible standards and incorporate cutting-edge and best-practice methods.

We can boost your Organisational Development (OD), Learning and Development (L&D) or project capacity at an instance with highly engaging and professional facilitators and instructional designers.

The team has experience and accreditations in a wide range of contemporary Learning and Development, Change Management and Project Management Methodologies such as Design Thinking, PMBoK, Agile PM, Prosci, 6C’s, DISC, and Cert IV in Training and Assessment.

Our Learning & Development services include:

  • Facilitation of co-creation learning design workshops
  • Facilitation and delivery of workshops or training classes
  • Facilitation of team building and learning activities using our toolkits
  • Executive and business coaching
  • Support the documentation of the high-level Leadership Development Programme design, structure, learning outcomes, delivery methods, timelines and schedule
  • Developing or customising training programs, workshops, action learning, reflective practice assignments, webinars, a community of practice, or a mentoring program
  • Creating slide decks, session plans, workbooks, factsheets, handouts, posters, animations, instructional videos, instructional audios, quizzes, assignments, assessments
  • Measuring the learning and business results at different points across your program through a multi-level evaluation approach

Optional, we offer to organise print and delivery of workshop materials at cost +10% administration fee.


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Case studies

Volunteering WA

The challenge for Volunteering WA was to facilitate a highly engaging and positive 2-day workshop with selected Volunteering Community representatives across WA to co-create an operating model that implemented a new legislative change. Within a week notice, we co-designed 1,5 days of the program to establish trust and a growth mindset within the working group. We used posters, activities, post-its and whiteboards to land on a compelling vision statement, a roadmap for the next 12 months and identify our knowns/unknowns and no-regret steps. The participants valued how responsive and sensitive the facilitator was to the needs of all individuals, whilst maximising the value of the session in fostering openness, trust and a growth mindset.

The Head of Partnership had previously invested in psychometric testing of his 25 people strong business partner team. The challenge was to unlock the potential of understanding the diversity within the team for greater performance. We designed a small series of custom leadership workshops covering personality styles, listening on different levels and communicating effectively for a cohort of principal business partners. The positive feedback encouraged Technology and Supply teams to engage our facilitator to run structured brainstorming sessions and problem-solving workshops.


The HR Manager set out to organise a highly interactive and engaging CEO Directorate meeting within the week. The one-hour session needed to build relationships, connections and trust. Our facilitators used 6 x Speed Mentoring toolkits and some elements of our growth mindset workshop to allow 30 people from 4 different departments to get to know each other and tap into the institutional knowledge. “Thank you so much for your time yesterday. The session was very good and I really think a lot of the employees appreciated it!” wrote one of the delegates.       

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