Your organisation has a predominant leadership culture of advocates!


Being an advocate...

As an advocate for organisational change, you actively play a critical role in the events taking place. You strongly believe that this change is necessary and must be realised to make progress within the organisation. Your actions are motivated by your belief in the change sponsor, and you are committed to facilitating information-sharing and cross-departmental collaboration. You are not afraid to speak up and stand up for this change to ensure it is successful. Your voice is an integral part of the success of this change, and your influence can be seen throughout the organisation.

Did you know?

Did you know that it is not common for leaders to act as Advocates? The likelihood for leaders to advocate change is directly related to the leader's Change Leadership skills. Your impact on the change's success increases if you learn more practical Change Leadership tools.

Building Organisational Change Capabilities

As an advocate for organisational change, you are motivated to make progress, but it can be difficult to know how best to do this.

It is not common for leaders to act as Advocates, and the likelihood of success depends on their Change Leadership skills. Without proper tools and knowledge, your influence may not have the desired impact on the change's success.

By learning more practical Change Leadership tools, you can increase your impact and ensure the change is successful. With these new skills in hand, you will be able to effectively facilitate information-sharing and cross-departmental collaboration and speak up for what needs to happen for this change to occur. Your voice will become a powerful force in driving positive organisational transformation!


Leading A Successful Transition

Are you an Advocate looking for ways to lead a successful transition in your organisation?

We understand that when it comes to organisational change, communication is key. You need to provide the information, reasoning and vision behind your transformation in an engaging way so that employees can believe in it. At the same time, you need messages of stability and security during times of uncertainty.

Communicating Change - Effective Communication Course

With the Communicating Change Course, you can create a compelling story about why this change is essential and how it will benefit everyone involved. We'll work with you every step of the way to ensure that your transition goes smoothly and successfully.

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