How to obtain your complimentary training certificate

Get your complimentary certificate in just 3 easy steps!


a free account


the online assessment for your workshop


your certificate


This QRG will guide you to register a free account, log in to the Approach Services website and get a certificate after completing a workshop from the EXCELerate Change Leadership Program. 

If you experience any issue whilst following the procedure, please contact or log a ticket through the help and support form on our website. 


Register a free account

Go to

Navigate to the Change Leadership Online Academy. Under Solutions, click EXCELerate Change Leadership Online Program

Click Register

Under the Register column, enter the following details:

  • Username: First name and last name
  • Email address: valid email address

Tick the captcha box

Click Register

You will receive a confirmation message on your registered email with your login credentials

You can now navigate to your account

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Log into your registered account

Go to

Navigate to the Change Leadership Online Academy. Under Solutions, click EXCELerate Change Leadership Online Program

Click Login

Enter the credentials that have been sent to your email address upon registration.

Tick the Remember Me box if you’re using a personal computer

Click Login

You can now navigate under My Account to view the courses you’re enrolled in

Complete the online assessment for your workshop

Go to

Login your account

Go to My Account

Check any open assessment under your account

Open the assessment

Read and take note of the assessment instructions before you click Mark Complete to proceed to the test

Watch the recap video

Then, click Mark Complete to access the quiz

Start the quiz

After the quiz, answers will be check and computed. Your score will appear on your screen.

Once you passed the assessment (score of at least 50%), you can now print your certificate:

  • Click the Print Certificate button

  • At any point later you can come back to visit My Account to view and print Certificates


  • I have a stable internet connection.
  • I have a valid email address.
  • I received a confirmation email from Approach Services with my username and password.
  • I have completed a course and passed the final assessment before I can get my workshop certificate.

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