What Industry Insiders Say About Leading Digital Change?

"Don't forget that people have to change how they work for you to reap the transformation's benefits. Change Management and Change Leadership is here to remind you."

Karen Dennet, author and founder of Industry Engaged, interviewed Approach Services' Chief Innovation Officer (CINO).

Together they explore questions such as:

  • What is the difference between Change Management and Change Leadership?
  • What are the common reasons for workers to resist change?
  • How can leadership role-model and drive change?

Working with executive teams that they can be innovative, sustainable, competive and grow.

Karen: Eva, can you tell us a little bit about what the role of Chief Innovation Officer and the work that you do?

Eva: Chief Innovation Officer is obviously a role that's fairly new to the executive teams. I'm working for a change leadership training and consulting business. So, in my role, it's all-around supporting within the organisation and then our client's executive teams as well, that they can be innovative, sustainable, competitive and grow. When I do that with organisations and clients, I work with the executive team as an equal because that's what I'm doing within my organisation.

Karen: What is the difference between Change Management and Change Leadership?

Eva: One thing that's quite interesting when we work with our clients is that projects are often started with the solution in mind. So they're saying, like, "we want to have a technical system that allows us to collaborate", and the people come a little bit as an afterthought, so the whole change management and change leadership that we are focusing on makes sure that we don't forget that people actually have to change the way they work, the way they interact with one another. And we know that people are made up of all sorts of different personalities, and for some, that comes more natural for others, that's a little bit harder. Change, in general, comes more natural for some personalities than for others. So the way we educate leaders is to be able to reach all different personality types during their change leadership.

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The way we educate leaders is to be able to reach all different personality types during their change leadership.

Karen: How can people reach you or avail of your services?

Eva: This year and the push for digitalisation and globalisation, we're now able to reach clients Australia-wide because we have an online academy as well. So, it's going to be excited moving forward working more virtually.


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Karen is the founder and Director of Engaging Education. She is a business educator, an entrepreneur, an author and a mum. Her experience in teaching, business, finance and enterprise created an impact on young people, professionals and organisations across UK and Australia.

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