The Essential Steps for Implementing a Comprehensive Change Capability Framework

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Leaders in today's organisations face a common challenge - how do they ensure their team can handle the ever-changing business dynamics? The answer lies in developing a comprehensive Change Capability Framework. By creating a framework, companies can create an environment where employees are confident and engaged to take on any challenge that may come their way. In this blog post, we discuss the importance of having a Change Capability Framework and share practical tips to help you implement one.


The Concept of a Change Capability Framework

Change Management is not only a profession but also an organisational capability. And most CEOs agree it is one of the most important ones. So, what is a Change Capability Framework, you might ask. 

The Change Capability Framework is a way to help companies make changes successfully. It outlines the necessary skills, knowledge and behaviours to implement changes effectively and efficiently. Your framework will build on existing project management and leadership development practices and integrate them into a holistic approach to plan, manage and execute change. A well-thought-through and tested framework helps your organisation to get good at change, engage stakeholders and spread the transitioning efforts. Over time, the capability framework increases people's understanding of change and provides a roadmap. 

The Benefits of a Change Capability Framework for Managers and Employees

Employees can benefit from a Change Capability Framework. They can learn the skills and knowledge they need to be successful when changes happen. Clear development pathways enable them to become better Change Champions, handle organisational demands effectively and successfully navigate the constantly evolving work environments.

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Change and Project Managers can access an effective and holistic way to plan, manage and execute change. A change capability framework gives them the resources they need to engage stakeholders, ensure buy-in and secure the desired outcomes. With more processes in place, project managers can better anticipate potential roadblocks and adjust timelines accordingly. A capability framework allows organisations to identify the competencies and resources needed for successful change management initiatives. Additionally, team leaders can assess project progress and make adjustments where necessary. Overall, having a holistic Change Capability Framework is a clear indicator of change readiness. 

Building an Effective Change Capability Framework

I am sure you wonder what the framework looks like. Maybe you are even tasked with building one. You can use Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint or even Trello. Typically, it covers the following components: 

  • Goals and Vision – Establish the overall objectives, strategies and goals for the change and the business strategy.
  • Stakeholder – Who are they? What roles do they play, and how will they be empowered and engaged?
  • Change Model – What model will we use to structure, assess and guide the transition?
  • Leadership – What capabilities or resources do they need to succeed in leading themselves and others through change?
  • People – What skills, competencies and behaviours will people need to embrace and champion change? How can these capabilities be developed and nurtured?
  • Quality Assurance – What processes and controls ensure the project meets the expectations and delivers its benefits?

When developing a change capability mapping, it is crucial to map it to your leadership, project management and change management practices. Ask:

  • 1 What are the steps of a successful change project, and who is responsible for each step? 
  • 2 What skills and resources will the task owner need to complete each step? 
  • 3 Are there any risks if we do the step wrong? 
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change capability framework

The Change Capability Framework explains how the Change Management roles will lead themselves and others through the change. We differentiate three groups of Change roles: Leadership, Project and Change Management. In the leadership group, the project sponsor, change leaders and champions need to know relevant skills to drive change successfully. The same goes for the project team or the Change Manager.

Guess what? This blog is inspired by our Speed Mentoring Change Conversation Starter Cards.

I pulled the card: "What skills help you manage and learn change?" and Sam pulled "We need to leave our comfort zone to change. How do you build a learning culture/habit?" and boom, the ideas just kept on coming. 15 minutes later, we agreed that you need to be privy to what we've learned. Watch this video to find out more innovative and fun ways to use the cards to excite your colleagues to change. Don't have the cards yet? Head over to our shop to here get your deck, today.


Eva is one of the masterminds behind Approach Services' blog and The 6 Cents of Change. She is an innovator, trainer and change manager. Her work has been published in the Schmalenbach Journal of Business Research. In her spare time, she enjoys camping with her two little boys and permaculture gardening.

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