3 reasons why change champions are essential for your business

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You can't afford to stay the same in today's business landscape. To stay ahead of the competition, you must constantly evolve and innovate. But how do you make sure your team is on board with change? Change champions. These people champion new ideas and help bring about positive change within an organisation. 

Here are three reasons why change champions are essential for your business

  • 1 They help build a case for change. 
  • 2 They drive adoption and implementation. 
  • 3 They keep the momentum going long after the initial excitement has worn off. 

Daniel, the CEO of a major energy company, had to learn the importance of good change management practices to achieve his vision of a carbon-neutral transformation. He had always been a big believer in change and was excited to implement his new plan.

However, he quickly realised that without good change management in place, his vision would never be realised. After speaking to our change management experts and putting a series of recommendations into place, the CEO could finally see his vision come to life. In just six months, his business has significantly progressed and reduced its carbon footprint by 25%.  

Change Champions are essential - Comfort Zone vs Change

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How to set up Change Champions for Success

Setting up change champions is essential for any successful change initiative. As the CEO of a major energy company, Daniel knows this all too well. His carbon-neutral transformation plan was only successful with the help of his change champions. These are the individuals in an organisation passionate about driving forward new ideas and bringing about positive change.  


You can do several things to set up change champions within your business. One of the most important steps is to create a culture of openness and innovation. It means encouraging employees to share their ideas and supporting them when they do. You also need to make sure that the right people are in charge of leading the change initiative, which includes appointing someone as a sponsor who is passionate about the change and has the authority to make it happen. Finally, you need to provide adequate training and support for those who are chosen to be champions. This will help them be successful in their role and ensure that the changes are successfully adopted and implemented.

Change champions help to drive organisational change

If your organisation is looking to go green or transition to a net zero energy model, you will need help driving the transition forward. This is where change champions come in. Change champions are dedicated problem-solvers who understand how to communicate and implement initiatives within their area of influence. They possess the right combination of operational knowledge, persuasive communication and collaborative spirit to engage stakeholders and ensure successful outcomes. Change champions also have an unconventional approach that inspires creativity and fuels innovation within organisations. So, if you're ready to move towards a net zero future, it might be time to call in your own dedicated change champion!  

Change can be hard, frustrating and overwhelming, right?

Most people feel like they are stuck in a cycle when their organisation goes through a big change. They don't know how to break out, and they feel powerless to make a difference. With the Change Champions Training, you'll learn how to navigate the business transformation and make a real impact on your organisation.

Frustrated change champions

Daniel's three favourite benefits of having change champions at every level in his organisation were:

  • Increased employee buy-in
  • Quicker transformation  
  • Improved carbon footprints 

Daniel noticed that his organisation needed to make a big change, but it was challenging to get everyone on board. He knew he needed the help of change champions. They helped him localise the case for change by anticipating questions and concerns.  

Once people understood why the changes needed to happen now, Daniel's next step was implementing the new sustainability initiatives. Change champions stepped up and took responsibility for driving the adoption and implementation of new ideas. Daniel would have struggled to implement his plans quickly without his change champion network acting as the eyes and ears and arms and legs.  

Last but not least, change champions were the key to sustaining the changes over time. As strong role models, they ensure that new ideas continue to be championed and that the change is successfully adapted into the daily work routine. Daniel learned that with their persistence and resilience, it's easier for his business to reduce emissions and meet its goal.  

Change champions are a source of support and motivation for employees during times of change

Change champions are the unsung heroes of organisations amid change. They understand the challenges associated with organisational change, such as resistance to change or loss of talent, and provide support and resources to ensure that employees can transition successfully. In addition, they recognise that powerful changes don't happen overnight; change champions can make seemingly daunting transitions that are not only practical but also long-lasting. Consequently, these leaders act as a source of inspiration and motivation and turn weary employees into enthusiastic cheerleaders that empower the transformation. Change champions are invaluable assets to any organisation in times of change and should be recognised for their positive effect on making sustainable change a reality.

Change Champions are essential - Future state

Change Champion Annie leads the way towards Net Zero

Annie is a change champion in Daniel's organisation. She has seen the effects of climate change first-hand and is passionate about doing her part to reduce the business's carbon emissions. When the organisation decided to go green, Annie was one of the first to step up and advocate. She helps the project team to fine-tune their case for change, highlights possible questions and pockets of resistance and communicates the benefits of going green to her fellow employees.


Annie's enthusiasm is contagious and quickly becomes the driving force behind the organisation's energy transition. She leads by example, implementing changes in her work routine and encouraging others to do the same. Thanks to Annie! The organisation transitions much smoother to a net zero energy model.

Change advocates can help to build a positive culture of change within an organisation

Change advocates have the potential to generate a powerful and positive impact on all employees. They act as change agents for a sustainability-focused culture by regularly embracing change and innovation. Change champions set an example by role-modelling a growth mindset and fostering a learning culture that rewards risk-taking. They inspire other employees to take steps into uncharted waters and make people feel comfortable taking such leaps of faith. Furthermore, they support others throughout the entire change journey. They act as a safety net for employees, enabling them to venture out of their comfort zones confidently. Ultimately, training and coaching effective change advocates can be incredibly beneficial in helping organisations build change management capabilities and create a positive culture that is resilient and adaptable.  

I'm sure, like Daniel, you want to make changes to your operations but still, need to figure out where to start. Transforming a business can be difficult, especially if you're unsure of the best way to go about it. Enabling your change champions can help! 

Change can be hard, frustrating and overwhelming, right?

Most people feel like they are stuck in a cycle when their organisation goes through a big change. They don't know how to break out, and they feel powerless to make a difference. With the Change Champions Training, you'll learn how to navigate the business transformation and make a real impact on your organisation.

Frustrated change champions

All you need is to nudge employees who have displayed leadership in championing change in the past. Teach them about the challenges associated with business change and provide training, support and resources to ensure they can act as effective change champions. While business improvements cannot be done like flicking a switch, change champions help make daunting transitions smoother and more sustainable. These motivators lift employees from change fatigue and win them as advocates for organisational transformation. Change champions are integral in any organisation hoping to thrive in times of change and should be celebrated for their invaluable contributions towards making your organisation change-ready and agile.  

Change champions are essential in achieving a net zero

The Power of Change Champions: Unlocking Lasting Transformation in Your Organisation

As a CEO or Head of HR in the Energy, Utility or Resources Industry, tapping into the power of change champions can be an invaluable tool for making successful change happen. These change advocates have the potential to generate powerful positive impacts within an organisation and provide tangible support.  

As we've seen, change champions are essential for driving organisational change. They provide the support and motivation that employees need to feel confident in taking on new ways of working. Additionally, change agents can help to build a positive culture for change within your organisation. If you're looking to make a successful energy transformation, you must invest in the right training for your employees to become effective change champions.

Our Change Champions Training is perfect for you! Talk to our Change Management experts today to learn more about our blended programs and how we can help your employees and organisation. After our Change Management for Champions training program, your informal influencers will be able to make the transition process smoother and much likelier to succeed. 

Happy Change!


Eva is one of the masterminds behind Approach Services' blog and The 6 Cents of Change. She is an innovator, trainer and change manager. Her work has been published in the Schmalenbach Journal of Business Research. In her spare time, she enjoys camping with her two little boys and permaculture gardening.

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