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Our EXCELerate Change Leadership Program consists of 6 online leadership courses that help you and your business to reinvent yourselves and thrive in this ever-changing world.

Learn the Change Management and Change Leadership foundation you need to lead and drive business change with agility and resilience.

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Course Overview

As our world gets more VUCA day-by-day, leaders wonder how to keep up with the demands for change and the fluidity of our ways of working.

Businesses want people with the right skills, attitude and tools to thrive in this ever-changing world.

Employees look to their leaders for a sense of direction and motivation.

Project and change managers rely on capable project sponsors.

Change leaders need proven, affordable and practical leadership and management courses that fit their busy schedule and deliver results.

Whether you are looking for a change management or a leadership development course that covers leading through change training, the EXCELerate framework helps you excel and accelerate.

Save $354 today by purchasing the entire online EXCELerate Change Leadership program – blended and innovative micro-learning!

Why should you enrol in this course?

  1. Learn the latest change management and leadership research and trends
  2. Practice 3 highly transferrable change workshop activities that engage people
  3. Save time at work and be more productive with 6 proven change management templates
  4. Develop your leadership skills online on demand

Imagine what work would be like if you could:

Feel focussed by aligning vision, values, and actions to shift from hypocrisy and low morale to motivation and high performance (Value Driven Change Leader),

Be calmer and more capable as you respond to adversity with a rapid change plan that stays on the vision and motivates resilience (Resilient Change Leader),

Experience change-agility as you break through silos to co-create a better future with the help of your champions network (Agile Change Leader),

Engage in a meaningful, respectful and rich dialogue with your stakeholders (Communicating Change),

Feel aligned and trusted turning conflicts and resistance into consensus and collaboration (Conflict Resolution In Change)

Inspire curiosity with your Growth Mindset, kindling a contagious learning culture for better mental wellbeing during transitions (Growth Mindset To Lead Change).

Why is this the best course for you?

If you truly want to EXCELerate in leading businesses and communities through transformations, you will want to cover the 6 essential skills making up the EXCELerate leadership framework.

Not only will you save $354 by purchasing the EXCELerate Change Leadership bundle, but you will notice an instant improvement in your confidence in dealing with business change.

Imagine the positive impact you will have on yourself, your team and your business by learning the #1 leadership skill needed in 2030.

FREE Templates

  1. Rapid change plan
  2. Change communications plan
  3. Risk and resistance management
  4. Stakeholder mapping
  5. Coaching and training plan
  6. Values-blueprint

Course workbook and materials

  • Each course comes with an electric course workbook.
  • Videos and animations EXCELerate your learning
  • Assignments and learning checkpoints ensure your knowledge retention
  • Our EXCELerate community polls encourage reflection and learning from peers
  • The quality-assured final assessments emphasise the value of your achievement
  • Accomplished learners receive 6 industry-recognised certificates adding value to their LinkedIn profile and resume

What you need to complete this program

  • A laptop or desktop computer with the latest version of a browser, Adobe Acrobat Reader and PowerPoint
  • Speaker or headphones

Meet your leadership trainers

Sam, the CEO

Sam is the co-founder and CEO at Approach Services. Over a decade, he’s transformed people and businesses in APAC, EMEA, and AMER. As a certified Change Management practitioner with a Master in Petroleum Engineering, Sam is passionate about transforming how we lead global and sustainable change.

Eva, the Chief Innovation Office

Eva is an innate innovator. She has a diverse background in human resources, change management, change leadership, IT and business transformations. With 10+ years of experience in business innovation and transformation, Eva impacted professionals and businesses across the Resources, Health and NFP sectors.

What Our Clients Say

I am thoroughly enjoying the work that Approach Services are doing. I’m sure all of our staff are very appreciative of the focus on our people as we transition to New Scitech.



I wish we had received EXCELerate Change Leadership training 12 months ago. It has given me a lot of insight into the change process, how necessary it is for our company and has motivated me personally to be more involved.


Statewide Manager

70% of our participants voted VERY SATISFIED and 25% SATISFIED with EXCELerate Change Leadership Training

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