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Since 2014, our courses are continuously developed, improved and delivered by highly engaging facilitators and professionals from respective industries

The training is practical, skills-based learning for every middle to senior leader, great for refreshing your change management and leadership skills or discovering new professional arenas.

Our high-quality instructional design includes a rich mix of digital learning and blended learning activities such as learning checkpoints, engaging quizzes, reading assignments, stimulating animations and videos, immersive reflections, peer community input, worksheets, templates, additional optional learning resources and feedback from professionals.

All courses come with a complimentary Certificate of Achievement that you receive straight after passing the final assessment. Our alumni love to share their achievements with their professional network at work or on LinkedIn.

Our Learning Management System (LMS) is easy to use and accessible 365/24/7 on your desktop computer, and mobile phone. We deliberately designed our online courses to be flexible micro-learning, tailored to your needs and budget.

Most courses run for 2 hours plus an extra hour of optional material. Every course can be completed immersive or spread out bite-sized over three months, supported by retention emails and community engagement.

EXCELerate Change Leadership Program

Includes all 6 courses.

Our EXCELerate Change Leadership Program enables professional and organisational growth by understanding the psychological and physical impact of a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and changing) environment on people. We take this newfound awareness to uplift communication skills, collaboration and cooperation skills, conflicts - and problem-solving skills, mentoring and coaching skills. Through our program leaders experience what resilient, agile and authentic leadership looks and feels like.

EXCELerate online bundle

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EXCELerate Change Leadership Program

$ 3,180.00

Bundling 6 EXCELerate courses to build the foundation for you to lead and drive business change with agility and resilience.

Value Driven Change Leader

$ 589.00

A highly engaging and interactive online learning experience that builds authenticity, integrity and resilience. Learn practical tools to inspire and motivate others through vision and values.

Resilient Change Leader

$ 589.00

Learn how to move through change swiftly and be more productive and positive during times of uncertainty.

Resilient Change Leadership In Turbulent Times

$ 150.00

Learn practical tools to bounce back from adversity and thrive through change.

Agile Change Leader

$ 589.00

Learn how to optimise your social capital and network for advocacy, speed and information to outperform your competition.

Communicating Change

$ 589.00

This course teaches you best-practices communication principles and how to apply them to your change project.

Conflict Resolution In Change

$ 589.00

This course teaches you practical tools to manage conflicts and resistance. You will learn to improve collaboration, problem-solving and sustainable change outcomes.

Growth Mindset To Lead Change

$ 589.00

A highly engaging and interactive online learning experience that enables learners to plan and execute effective learning, training and coaching.

Valēre Culture Board Game

$ 159.00

The Valēre Culture board game is an excellent tool for learning and conceptualising the importance of people-culture-values during change.

Speed Mentoring Cards

$ 89.00

The Speed Mentoring Cards are an excellent tool to cultivate and encourage a Growth Mindset during change.

Zooleader Style Game

$ 169.00

The Zooleader on-the-floor Game is a fun and engaging way to learn about leadership styles and create trust, real connections and relationships at work.

EXCELerate Change Leadership Training in Perth

$ 4,750.00

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Case studies

As an experienced technical manager with a demonstrated history of working in the global oil & energy sector, Gopi noticed the need to expand his capabilities to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing industry.

He took the initiative to enrol in the EXCELerate Leadership Program.

Over three months and six courses, he worked in a cohort of like-minded peers on the professional skills to deliver results faster.

He tells us how great the program was. The courses focus on both acquiring knowledge and how to use it at work. He experienced his most profound learning during a role-play on how to communicate effectively with your project stakeholders. Effectively communicating change is probably one of the toughest (if not the toughest!) parts of being in a leadership position.

If you want to take his place, be sure to register for the EXCELerate Leadership Program.

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